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Art at the Fountain in favor of the Nest of the Eagles. Photo: Disclosure.
Art at the Fountain in favor of the Nest of the Eagles. Photo: Disclosure.

Art at the Fountain in favor of the Nest of the Eagles

The ARTE NA FONTE platform joined Botafogo Praia Shopping to help the Ninho das Águias project in a unique and conscientious way.. 12 artists were invited to paint outdoor canvases from the famous Botafogo shopping mall that would be discarded and turned into garbage and that through art became 12 unique works, and will be sold at ARTE NA FONTE to help the beautiful Ninho das Águias project.

The works are exposed on the ground floor of Botafogo Praia Shopping and can be seen up close until daylight. 31/10. Among the 12 guest artists we have big names in carioca graffiti like Amorinha, Juliana boil, Ahira Ocrespo, Gloye, Marcelo Ment and the founder of the Ninho das Águias Project, the living legend of national street art, the ACME artist, that has more than 20 years dedicated to Street Art and Rio de Janeiro was the precursor.

in addition to the artists, the children of the Ninho das Águias project also left their art on the reused canvas. Buyers of works at ARTE NA FONTE will also receive an exclusive work made by the children when they purchase a work through the platform. The arts made by the children of Ninho are on display at Botafogo Praia Shopping together with the works of the artists.

As always at ARTE NA FONTE, the works do not have an initial bid, that is, any bid is already on! “A gift from artists to the public, a humane and conscious way of selling, and to give access to art and cultural heritage” emphasizes Marcio Regaleira, director of HUMID ART, producer who makes ARTE NA FONTE.

In the end, the artists themselves decide how much to donate to the chosen social project. In each edition a different social project is supported and only during the pandemic, the movement managed to donate more than R$220,000.00 to institutions, social projects and actions. "Much of this amount turned into groceries and hygiene items for the families most affected by the pandemics." Rafael Meggetto scores, artist, director and founder of ARTE NA FONTE.

ARTE NA FONTE works through the social network Instagram @arte_na_fonte and to place your bid and acquire an exclusive work of great names in art is very simple, just access @arte_na_fonte, choose your favorite art and comment on the desired value in the post of the work.

The closing date of the bids is scheduled and is broadcast live by the platform on Instagram. on this tuesday 26/10, the second batch with works of 6 artists close their bids from 7pm. Among the artists are important names in graffiti such as Gloye, Juliana boil, Cynthia Aith, Amorinha and renowned artist Marcelo Ment, in addition to the young and talented painter, Sofia Martignoni.

Visit the ARTE NA FONTE exhibition on the ground floor of Botafogo Praia Shopping, or access @art_in_source on Instagram and participate!

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