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Obra "O Arirámbá e a Libélula" by artist Leal Nadine. Photo: Disclosure.
ArtWork "Ararámbá and the Dragonfly" by artist Leal Nadine. Photo: Disclosure.

Artists from all over Brazil participate in an exhibition in favor of the environment at the CAWCINE Festival

Curated by CAW, brings the Collective and Virtual Exhibition CARTAS.

Think about “CARDS” symbolically passed and forgotten with technology and social networks, so being one “old dialogue”, what unfortunately happened to the Environment well before the emergence of social networks, where the priority in caring, not part of Sunday family conversations, virtual meetings or even mass protests. Thus, Artists will showcase their creative dialogues, anguish and criticism of forgetting the beautiful beauties and magnificent forms of Nature.

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In the program of the National Festival CAWCINE we will have films, short, scripts, videos, clips with a theme for the Environment, either Educatively or Informatively with various Cash prizes, thinking about contributing so that Artists can have financial opportunities in Pandemic.

This project is an offer from the Federal Government, State Government of Rio de Janeiro, State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro through the Aldir Blanc Law.

With 30 Artists from all over Brazil, between them we have:

Loyal nadine – MG

Saulo de Almeida – SP

But – PR

Kronus – PE

Isa Alves – RJ

R.Silva – RJ

The exhibition's creative process has already started and artists can register. Selected and invited artists will show in an Educational and / or homage to the Environment. The old dialogue happens when we inform, we reinforce and once again inform and even then attitudes continue, pollution, deforesting and consuming everything you need and don't need, generating infinite waste with devastating consequences and the dialogue is and remains the same. Nothing changes, the address may even change and the immensity of pollution will not.

The works are in different languages, painting, drawing, illustration, photography, performance among others, in addition to the creative process of each artist in video format that shows how each one does his / her work / technique. The best artist in the main exhibition takes the R $ 1,000.00 Cash Prize.

Service: Free
Virtual Exhibition: By 25 March.
Local: Instagram @cawcine

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