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Exhibition Buzianas Denise Greco.
Exhibition Buzianas Denise Greco.


Photo exhibition by Denise Greco curated by Lu Valença

Jung describes the sea as a cosmic grandeur and simplicity that imposes silence: “The sea is like music; it brings in itself and brings out all the soul's dreams. ”

Denise Greco went to the beaches in Buzianas to start the reflection, self-knowledge and a fresh start. The Water Artist brings in this series composed by 20 scenes, the dream of all of us in the pandemic. Contemplation, the smell of freedom and the immensity of the sea. As if they were windows, through the artist's gaze, we dive into the deserted beaches of Búzios and for a few moments we are transported to a world of beauty and sensitivity. The solitude of those who contemplated nature while the world locked themselves in apartments takes on a special meaning and makes us think: What we missed?

“The invitation to inaugurate the Espaço Cultural do Restaurante Gisele, fell like a glove for “Buzianas”, which promises to be the beginning of a new career cycle for the artist. Reinvention is one of the main traits of his personality and being part of that transformation is a great privilege. ” explains Lu Valença curator of the show.

From 18 December you are our guest to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the Gisele Restaurant and contemplate the sea view of Denise Greco.

The works acquired from the exhibition may be withdrawn at the time of sale by the buyer.

Following WHO guidelines, we inform you that due to the COVID pandemic -19, opening event of the Buzianas photographic exhibition by artist Denise Greco will not be held. Visitation will normally take place during the opening hours of the restaurant in accordance with the security protocols adopted in the period of 18/12/2020 to 21/02/2021.

Buzianas Exhibition
Artist: Denise Greco
Curated By: Lu Valença
Local: Gisele Restaurant
Address: Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 5100 – Porto Belo, Búzios-RJ
Information: (22) 2623-1144
Visitation: Monday to Friday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm(except Wednesday that remains closed), Saturdays and Sundays from 12h to 18h.)


Lu Valença is Tourism Ambassador of Rio de Janeiro, Visual Artist, Prof. of art, Artistic Mentor and Curator of Contemporâneo Galeria de Arte.

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