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"TEA OF SIX" at the Teatro Bibi Ferreira, featured. Disclosure.

“TEA OF SIX” at the Teatro Bibi Ferreira

“THE DAUGHTERS OF THE MOTHER” Show celebrates more than 35 years in poster, with more than 1 million viewers. In 1983 Thus a great success of Ronaldo Ciambroni, "DAUGHTERS OF MOTHER", with his debut in the city of Bauru, ...

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Book "The 4 elements" by Vítor Barros, featured. Disclosure.

Young man 16 years publishes his first children's book, for those who like fantasy, space and superheroes!

Book by Vítor Barros narrated in a distant universe called Lemector, with lots of action and adventure! “The 4 elements”, the debut book of the author Vítor Barros of just 16 years was released on the day 15/01/2021 (Pre sale) by ...

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Bibi Theater Course, featured. Disclosure.

Bibi Theater Course (Bibi Ferreira Theater)

We at Teatro Bibi Ferreira will start a Free Theater Course on the day 3 February. The course is aimed at both actors and non-actors (people who just want to have fun and learn something new). No caso dos ...

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21st edition of the Literary Actions Festival (FAL), art. Disclosure.

Online reading festival honors Rubem Alves

Conducted by the breeding house, from São José do Rio Preto (SP), FAL happens to 29 from January to 7 February, with 58 hours of free programming distributed across 38 activities, involving about 50 culture workers ...

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Books, covers. Disclosure.

Romantic comedy books to read at 2021

From international to national, know the stories that will make you laugh and fall in love The year has just begun and there is still time to update the reading list, therefore, listamos cinco livros de comédia romântica para vocês fazerem a ...

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Fabiana Macaluso - “The activist artist of the Colors and Sorrows of the World!”

Fabiana Macaluso, Italian artist, it is a pleasure to interview you for the website and to know about your involvement with humanitarian support. Artists who through their passion help other people inspire everyone to seek a better world. O exemplo é sempre ...

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Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.

How to use burnt cement in decoration

Finding a decorative style that is practical and versatile to apply at home can be simpler than you think. O uso do cimento queimado para isso é uma solução que certamente vai deixar o seu lar bonito e ...

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Book "If It Wasn't Your Love" by Larissa Pessoa, featured. Disclosure.

Christian fiction books for teenagers read on 2021

Acquire knowledge of God's word through these books A new year has begun and the opportunity to venture through Christian fiction to learn about God's way is never too late. Visando o ...

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José Waeny e seu livro "Vidas Condenadas", cover. Disclosure.

Civil engineer quits his career to become a writer and goes viral on TikTok

Jose Waeny, from 59 years, published the first book in 2017 and, since then, dedicates his time in disclosures It was in 2017 que José Waeny decidiu mudar de vida. Despite having a comfortable life in the engineering business, love ...

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& quot; How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your mother!" work of John Miler, banner. Disclosure.

Book chronicles zombie apocalypse set in Brazil

“How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your mother!”By John Miler, is a comedy that has the ambition to become a TV series Brazil faces zombie apocalypse in “How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your ...

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