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Victor Arruda, Belizean Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.

Victor Arruda, Marcus Otter, Daniela Bousso and Francisco Hurtz in conversation at BELIZÁRIO Galeria

Frill and Confusion Finissage 28 May – Saturday – from 4pm to 6pm BELIZÁRIO Galeria, on the occasion of the finalization of the exhibition “Babado e Confusão”, welcomes the artist Victor Arruda for a conversation, the exhibition curator Marcus Otter ...

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Jonyjarp Bridges, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Instituto do Ator offers free workshops in Rio de Janeiro from June through the Lapa Mundi Project

Instituto do Ator offers free workshops in Rio de Janeiro starting in June through the Lapa Mundi Project Instituto do Ator will hold two free, face-to-face workshops, in June, for actors and theater students (over 18 years). ...

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Hilal Sami Hilal – Untitled, 2022, Monotype on crepe, 17,5 x 48 cm. Photo: Bruno Coelho.

“All Secrets” by Hilal Sami Hilal at OÁ Galeria, n 1st edition of ArPa SP

Known as one of the most poetic plastic artists in the country, Hilal uses the alphabet as a graphic element of his work, creating affective modules that keep all the secrets. Hence the name of the solo exhibition, that OÁ Galeria will exhibit in ...

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"The Duke's Flowers" by Rachel Fernandes, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Rachel Fernandes releases her first period novel

“As Flores do Duque” follows a romantic arc in the period of the Old Republic, not brazil 1910 With more than five contemporary novels released, the writer Rachel Fernandes surprises her readers this Monday (24) with the release of “As Flores do Duque”, your ...

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"Maria Congo - Luisa Mahin”, 2021, painting, 140cm x 86 cm. Luanda work, which integrates the exhibition. Photo: Luanda.

Luanda opens the exhibition ‘Cachimba’ at the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture – MUHCAB, in the river

Artist from Rio Grande do Sul based in the capital of Rio de Janeiro surprises in a solo show that exhibits unpublished series, in which it incorporates art, history and religiosity of African origin The CACHIMBA exhibition, by artist Luanda, was born out of the need to expand the field of Afro literacy ...

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Exhibition "Existential Places", advertising banner - featured. Disclosure.

Exhibition “existential places” at Shopping Via Parque da Barra

Curated by Samuel Graças and directed by Icon Assessoria Artística, the exhibition Lugares Existenciais will be on display on the mezzanine floor of Livraria Leitura Shopping Via Parque de 21 to 28 de Mayo. The presentation of poetic speeches was conceived as ...

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Project "MNBA: Open for Works", featured. Disclosure.

Project “MNBA: Open for Works”

Continuing the “MNBA: Open for Work", visitors will be able to follow the physical-chemical analysis of works from the collection of the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes/Ibram. The work will be carried out in the Aloísio Magalhães Room, in partnership with the Federal Institute of ...

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Marambaia House. Photo: Denilson Machado / MCA Study.

Casa Marambaia exhibits watercolor exhibition

“Secret garden“, by Josephine Di Giovanna, will be on display until 29 of may between the days 4 and 29 de Mayo, Casa Marambaia hosts the watercolor exhibition “Secret garden”, by the plastic artist Josephine Di Giovanna. The artist, who ...

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Wilma Ramos, Bahia, 30x40 - 2003. Photo: Disclosure.

Tribute to WILMA RAMOS

“…a rich painting, symbol not only of a city, but of all Brazilian people…“ Jacques Ardies exhibits in his gallery and signs the curatorship of an exhibition in tribute to an artist partner of many years: “Homage to Wilma Ramos”. ...

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Discover new functions for traditional photo frames. Photo: Pictures on the wall psd created by rawpixel.com - br.freepik.com.

Discover new functions for traditional photo frames

Picture frames, in addition to being a key element in decorations, give a unique touch to the environment., in addition to being great elements that awaken memories and carry several stories. The paintings make the moments really eternal, turning this ...

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