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Programação gratuita CORPO_NÓS no MAR. Photo: Disclosure.

CORPO_NÓS: SEA promotes free activities developed by the Rio suburbs youth

Project is a result of ongoing training
for professional interested in joining
in the production chain of culture

Between the days 28 January and 1st February, visitors to Rio Art Museum - SEA may participate in the free programming CORPO_NÓS. developed by 15 young people from North and East and the Baixada Fluminense, The activities, as offices, Circles of conversation, interviews and performances, They will be held in the museum spaces and squares of the port area, with vacancies filled in order of arrival and subject to the capacity indicated. The full schedule is available on the website www.museudeartedorio.org.br.

The project is the result of the course "Formative Courses", which included financial support from BNDES and offered to scholarship students during the five months of classes and workshops - in order to attract artists and young people who are normally not represented in cultural institutions.

"The students were able to experiment and experience the different areas that the museum space includes, through classes with teams of various sectors SEA. This pilot project promoted training, cultural and artistic Introductory for those interested in joining the production chain of museums or act generally in the fields of art and culture ", Jezebel explains Pucu, Museum Education Coordinator.

Shares dialogue with two exhibitions currently on display in the SEA, "Street!"And" UóHol ", and have as central a mobile device called mediation Space Shell. Developed especially for the project by architects Studio Floor, the articulated object consists of small cars attached to a tricycle that, once parked and opened, It serves as a support for carrying out activities. The idea is to create experiences where the public actively participate, focusing on events such as the kite culture, do rap e do funk, urban graphic arts, among others.

The activities proposed by the project put into debate also key issues for the development of museums today, such as representation of blacks and peripheral bodies and gender performativity, among others, from the research of new epistemologies and pedagogies, having the art as decolonization instrument knowledge, practices and looks.


28/1 – TUESDAY

>> 10h – 12h – Activation Space Shell | SEA stilts and Praça Mauá

  • activations: “It's the street that I come”
    Body, city, crossings. We invite the public to reflect and to produce using different materials from stimuli to the senses (smell, sound and touch), on city crossings in their bodies, seeking resume and understand the affects and effects of city.

>> 14h – 17h – Activation Space Shell | Exhibition “Street!”

  • Knowledge Battle: "Genre, racism and marginalization " – With Collective SPEAKS and Lanatanpa
    The Knowledge Battle will be held for two collective da Baixada Fluminense guests: Collective SPEAKS and Lanatanpa. Through the sound of hip-hop and rhyming words, They will be discussed thematic genre, equality, racism and marginalization.

Over collective:

collective SPEAKS – free culture point formed by artists, producers and art educators active mainly in Belford Roxo and Duque de Caxias.
Lanatanpa – Created in order to promote the transformation of children and adolescents in social vulnerability through hip hop culture, with methodologies that encourage personal and social development.

  • Workshop: “Pixo: my mark in the chaos " – With Lais Moraes and Pedro de Almeida
    Body, city, presence. From the understanding that the bodies and also interfere fall within, the public will be invited to develop and produce a personal graphic mark, articulating issues such as representation of themselves, individuality and collectivity, among others, Apart from urban graphic arts. (25 vacancies)

>> 17h – 19h – opening CORPO_NÓS – Occupation of Cultural Routes Formative MAR | auditorium MAR
official opening schedule, with the presence of representatives of the SEA, BNDES, the coordinators and participants of the project Pathways Formative.

Carlos Gradim – President Odeon Institute, director SEA
Marcelo Campos – Chief curator SEA
Izabela Pucu – education coordinator and routes Formative MAR
Alice Mel, Andressa Oliveira, Bruno Vianna, Desiree Marie, Gabi Patitucci, Jorge Rosendo, Luana Alves, Luana Guimarães, Marcos Carvalho, Matheus Serpa, Milena Carrilho, Thailany Inara, Vitor Neptune, Vivian Caze and Lucas Ferreira – Young participants of the Formative Courses
Karen Aquini – pedagogical coordinator routes Formative

Representantes do BNDES


>> 10h – 20h - Course: "Unconformities: gender performativity and art scene in drag "
The course will focus on discussing the issues involving the construction of bodies and identities from the perspective as drag figure of performance and concerns expression of binary standards bodies. Through conversation tables and performances, deepen the crossings and experiences of artists and trans people about gender identity and expression of their bodies.

*75 vacancies – Distribution of passwords from 9.30 am at the reception SEA.

  • 10h – 12h30 – Inaugural class: "Art, montação and performativity "
    Rafael Bqueer
    Mediation: Izabela Pucu
  • 14h – 16h - Mesa: "What is the place of art drag?”
    Ravenna with Creole, Arda Nefasta e performance in Azra
    Mediation: Vitor Neptun Marcos Carvalho
  • 16h – 18h - Mesa: "Women and gender performativity in drag scene"
    Maíra BariIlo, Latisha Saturday e performance Jupiter
    Mediation: Vitor Neptun Marcos Carvalho
  • 18h – 20h - Mesa: "Gender expressiveness LGBTQI + and periphery"
    With William Ambar, Brazil Brothers and performance Conga Bombréia.
    Mediation: Vitor Neptun Marcos Carvalho

>> 14h – 17h – Activation Space Shell | Harmony Square

  • Workshop: “body talk”
    From listening idea, let's think about the forms of communication and coexistence in difference, through play and the construction of small objects, as cordless phone, phone cups and body games. Participation of children in the Spot<>Snack bar.


>> 10h – 12h – Activation Space Shell | stilts SEA

Workshop: "Where have kite, It has sky " – With his Jose Tide
The workshop invites the public to fabricate pipes and portraying their dreams and wishes them future. Giving the line kites, we enable dreams Earn sky. Participation of children in cultural Canvas Tide.

>> 15h – 18h – Activation Space Shell | MAR library and exhibition "UóHol"

  • Workshop: “Black heroines " + Wheel conversation "And if the books were right? black and counternarratives authorship ", Juliana Andrade (RJ representative of the youth parliament of Mercosur and co-creator of the collective Agbara), Rodrigo Oliveira (young to study on women's participation in Candomblé, creator of the documentary "The importance of a") Jorge Rosendo and Luana Guimarães, youth pathways Formative.
    From the set of black authorship of books made by Fernanda Felisberto researcher for the Library and Documentation Center SEA, It will be established a debate on affirmative action related to ethnicity in the context of collections, cultural and visibility of black authorship policies. In dialogue with the work "Black Heroines in Brazil 15 twine "of Jarid Arraes writer, one of the books on the selection made by Felisberto, the public will be invited, with reference to the Cordell, to record and illustrate the narrative of his black heroines.

31/1 – FRIDAY

10h – 12h – Activation Space Shell | stilts SEA

Workshop: "Where have kite, It has sky "
The workshop invites the public to fabricate pipes and portraying their dreams and wishes them future. Giving the line kites, we enable dreams Earn sky. Children's participation Marvin Project and Roda Transcultural.

16h – 18h – Activation Space Shell | Praça XV

  • Workshop: “tracing absences”
    What are the differences between the XV Square and Praça Mauá? What are the similarities? What you miss them? We invite the public to use the stencil technique to produce prints from the perceived absence, inserting them in the landscape of the squares using the body as support. also explore the possibilities in traffic between the squares thinking mobility tools that run through the city like skateboarding, bike, scooters, etc.


14h – 15h30 – Activation Space Shell | stilts SEA

  • Wheel of Conversation: "Body Power: youth and cultural production "
    Cultural events produced outside the hegemonic circuits, today and historically, They have proved of great power. Are just manifestations, In so many cases, They are criminalized or not recognized in their places of origin, but that end up constituting the mark of Brazilian culture. In this conversation circle we will have the opportunity to meet some bodies-power that mobilize cultural initiatives in their territories to discuss the impact and importance of their actions, as well as the issues and challenges of producing culture in the suburbs.

Gleyse Ferreira – Co-founder Cine Taquara
Maiana Santos – Co-founders of the troupe M.E.R.D.A. Nilópolis
Raul Santiago – Activist and entrepreneur, Movements and Papo Reto Project
Mediation: Lucas Ferreira and Bruno Vianna, youth pathways Formative

15h30 – 17h – Manifesta Office
As our bodies can collectively manifest something that we represent? The proposal invites the public, inspired and driven by conversation circle, thinking and co-create democratically a track that expresses the desires and urgent guidelines for the development of cultural Rio scene.

17h – 20h – end class-show CORPO_NÓS with Orchestra Shed and Cultural Block Agbara Dudu and Dj Wallabê
Celebration time and project closure routes Formative. The Shed is an orchestra linked to a school of the same name music, who was born in a Candomblé yard in São Bento, in Duque de Caxias. His musicality influences of Afro-Brazilian culture and spoken poetry, Group brands as well as experimentation. At the time the Shed will present a show with music and poetry of his repertoire, with the participation of DJ Wallabê. The name Agbara Dudu means in Yoruba "Black Power". Considered the first african block of Rio de Janeiro, It was founded in 1982 in Oswaldo Cruz, maintainer with the characteristic traditions, task in which they engage their members even outside the Carnival period. On this day, the block will pull a class-show that will engage and excite public.

Date: from 28 from January to February 1
Time: from 10pm
free activities


The Art Museum of the river-SEA

An initiative of Prefeitura do Rio in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, the sea has activities that involve collecting, registration, search, preservation and return of cultural property to the community. Proactive support space education and culture, the museum was born with a school - the School Look -, whose proposal is innovative museological: foster the development of an educational program of reference for actions in Brazil and abroad, combining art and education from the curatorial program that guides the institution.

The sea is managed by the Odeon, a social organization of culture. The museum has the Globe Group as maintainer, the Equinor as sponsor and master Itaú and IRB Brazil RE as sponsors through the Federal Law on Cultural Incentives.

The School of the look has the support of Icatu Seguros and Machado Meyer Lawyers via Federal Law on Cultural Incentives. The SEA also has the support of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro and realization of the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government of Brazil, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture.

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