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Vernissage Outopos Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.

Review of the exhibition by Paulo Roberto OUTOPOS Cecchetti

Blood brothers. Bleed and screen role in bold colors. Founded the Atelier Valença & Arts that are in six years the deep diving in the plastic arts, Although parallel worlds. Links. She with her watercolors; it with their graffiti. Limits, There is no! Carlos and Luciane Valença bring, in the exhibition 'Outopos’, the lyricism that results in a unique art. Poetics. Carlos, artist and restorer, graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ, brings us with expressive traits, sketches of drawings that brings us to the Renaissance. Halawa, Designer and Illustrator, back your strokes picked up the field of surrealism, passing by the Art Nouveau. Futurism this. This fantastic journey, surrounding beauty, combines emotion and psyche to the daily life of its inspirations. Exhibitions? Several. Traveling in the time we have in ' full view ' Outopos the dream opens paths to insert in art history the part that was missing while driving this universe of achievements. #ExpoOutopos. Ready to be laid bare.

Paulo Roberto Cecchetti
Art Curator and Poet


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