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Discover the beauty and fragility of the Amazon in an amazing exhibition of glass art

The show's main work will be an installation with hundreds of pieces, accompanied by others 10 sculptures

By Emanuelle Spack

Have you ever imagined immersing yourself in a world of endless imagination and creativity made with glass?? This is the universe that designer Désirée Sessegolo will exhibit at the Municipal Museum of Curitiba – Muma (Cultural Gate), between days 09 March and 28 de Mayo, at Amazon Exhibition.


The main installation will have hundreds of sheets in different formats and colors and will be displayed on charcoal as a way to draw attention to the burning of the Amazon Forest.

A Fragmented Work

At the opening of the exhibition, one of the works will be fragmented and will exist only in digital media in a gallery of NFTs – Non-Fungible Token, which in Portuguese means non-fungible token, no Marketplace OpenSea.


Fragments of the broken artwork will be reworked to create a new artwork to replace the first one.”, tells the designer who explores the infinite transformation capacity of glass in analogy to the environment.

With innovative and impressive works due to the details that each piece reveals, this will be the perfect opportunity for the visitor to connect with art and innovation in an intense and profound way. According to curator Edilene Guzzoni, this exhibition aims to provide the visitor with an immersion in the ethical dimension of freedom of artistic and poetic creation by Désirée Sessegolo who, “with its unique technique in the beauty of glass, regrets the deforestation of the forest, by the fires, by land invasions, for the murders of those who defend it, entering in defense of cultures and lands”, clarifies the curator.


In 15 years dedicated to glass art, Désirée's cellular glass leaves were displayed in the form of sculptures, facilities, stained glass windows and panels in different parts of the world (Brasil, Italy, Bulgaria, United Kingdom). Now with an individual exhibition and with unpublished works, Amazon returns to its hometown as a unique and differentiated exhibition to surprise and delight everyone.


The show will take place in an exhibition space equipped to receive people with mobility difficulties, will have labels for the identification of works in braille and sign language interpreter. People with vision problems will be able to have contact with some works and perceive their shapes and textures through touch..

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This will be the chance to be surprised by diving into this incredible universe that glass art offers and experience the unique combination of art and technology with cellular glass. In Amazon, each piece is shaped and transformed into a unique work of art reflecting the diversity and richness of the Brazilian forest.

About the Artist: 

Desiree Sessegolo is a designer and glass artist born in Curitiba. His work is recognized by the Alfredo Andersen Museum, João Turin House, Bogota Glass Museum, International Biennale of Glass in Bulgaria and The Venice Glass Week in Italy, among the more than 50 exhibitions that participated in 15 years dedicated to the art of glass.

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The denomination “Cell Glass”, exclusive technique of the designer and visual artist, is defined by its fusion process, where the glass particles pass to the liquid state, forming a kind of “caramel” that and moves naturally in search of physical balance, originating textures and empty spaces with organic shapes.

Amazon Exhibition 
Local: Municipal Museum of art (Muma) – Cultural Gate
Address: Av. Argentina Republic, 3430, Gate – Curitiba, Paraná – POSTAL CODE: 80610-270.  
Entrance: Free
Inauguration: Thursday, day 09 March at 7 pm.
Date: from March 9th to 28 May 2023.   
Days and Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
MuMa is not open on Mondays.

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