Frida Kahlo Unveiled: A Sensory Journey Through the Colors of Persistence at the Francis Bacon Art Space

Frida Kahlo Traveling Exhibition - a woman ahead of her time. Photo: Wellington Barz.

20 artists explore the essence of Frida in a fascinating chromatic odyssey that presents different artistic creations By Emanuelle Spack In a vibrant dive into the universe of art, the Francis Bacon Art Space opens exhibitions of 2024 transporting visitors to an extraordinary encounter at the Frida Kahlo Traveling Exhibition – a woman at … Read more

Curitiba Festival brings it to the South of Brazil for the first time, Capricious and Guaranteed, the Amazon ox duel

PARINTINE WOOD. Photo: Disclosure / Government of Amazonas.

One of Brazil's greatest cultural heritages opens the program for the 32nd edition of the Curitiba Festival, bringing the challenge of toadas from the bumbás of Parintins, in Amazonas One of the largest and most important performing arts festivals in Brazil, the Curitiba Festival announced its official program for the 32nd edition, that occurs from … Read more

Discover the beauty and fragility of the Amazon in an amazing exhibition of glass art

Amazon exhibition by designer Désirée Sessegolo, Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

The show's main work will be an installation with hundreds of pieces, accompanied by others 10 sculptures By Emanuelle Spack Have you ever imagined yourself diving into a world of endless imagination and creativity made with glass? This is the universe that designer Désirée Sessegolo will exhibit at the Municipal Museum of Curitiba – … Read more

Synergy in steel and glass reveals extraordinary works of art with the combination of different design techniques

Synergy Exhibition. Photo: Wellington Barz.

Sinergia exhibition presents pieces by three artists who develop works separately, but that when fused, mixed or put together, apresentam obras instigantes pelo conjunto dos materiais que as compõem Por Emanuelle Spack Segue em cartaz até o fim de julho a Exposição Sinergia com os designers Cristina Yamada, Claudio Araujo and Désirée Sessegolo, no Espaço de Arte Francis Bacon. About of … Read more

At the Theater of CAIXA Cultural Brasília, exhibition of The Storytelling Carpets

Shows "The Storytelling Carpets 24 years old". Photo: Flávio Salgado.

CAIXA Cultural Brasília presents The Storytelling Carpets in a commemorative action to celebrate the International Day of the Portuguese Language (5 de Mayo), and National Language Day (21 de Mayo) Storytelling Carpets celebrate 24 years in a free exhibition filled with stories and world children's literature 7 to 22 … Read more

African Film Festival launches Revista Crítica on the day 15 April

The Ugandan film The Girl in the Yellow Sweatshirt (2020) is one of the titles analyzed by the Revista Crítica de Cinemas Africanos, featured. Photo: Remember the Blessing.

Free online publication gathers reviews, essays and profiles on the cinema of the African continent and its diaspora The African Film Festival launches on the 15 April (Friday) the electronic publication Revista Crítica de Cinemas Africanos. for your debut, were gathered about 20 texts, between criticisms, essays and profiles, in addition to translations … Read more

Shows “Enlarged Photo” in Brasília

Exhibition & quot; Photo Ampliada & quot;, invitation - featured. Disclosure.

O Cobogó Market performs, This weekend, the first exhibition Enlarged Photo An event that brings together analogue, the digital and also brings printed publications On the day 4 September, Saturday, the Cobogó Market promotes an exhibition with the participation of 18 photographers and photographers, Publishers, exclusive publication about art and equipment. O Photo … Read more

Fourth, 16 have free cinema on the Sesc Digital platform! The Alliance Française Brazil presents the Exhibition “Short in French” with the series ‘Le temps des cerises”

Short film - History of the revolution, by Arthur de Pins Buisson. Disclosure.

SHORT IN FRENCH LE TEMPS DES CERISES The show "Short in French" is back on the SESC Digital platform and brings the series "Le temps des cerises" with 12 short films about revolts and revolutions with different approaches. From 16 from June to 16 July – On-line, free and with Portuguese subtitles! The programation … Read more

Mostra CineCidades brings films that bet on the plurality of the city of Rio de Janeiro

CineCidades exhibition. Disclosure.

Mostra CineCidades brings a contemporary and plural look to new directors about the city of Rio de Janeiro. Part of the schedule 2021 do Rolé Carioca - a multifaceted platform of culture and knowledge about the city - Mostra CineCidades brings an overview of the audiovisual narratives that deal with the city of Rio de Janeiro from … Read more



ARRIVES 19 SEPTEMBER IN DIGITAL PLATFORMS BY IMOVISION 10 restored films by the great Polish filmmaker will be available at Claro Now, Live Play, iTunes/Apple TV, Google Play and YouTube Imovision will launch on the day 16 of September on digital platforms a show with 10 great works by the Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski, including successes A … Read more