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Drawing on the monument: 100º Meeting Urban Sketchers Rio. Photo: Disclosure.

Drawing on the Monument: 100Th meeting Urban Skecthers Rio

Rio de Janeiro - August 2019 In celebration of the hundredth meeting of the Urban Sketchers Rio – the group performs 18 august to 22 September – in partnership with the Estacio de Sa Monument – the exhibition Drawing on the Monument: 100º Encounter Urban Sketchers River. This show presents the production of a sunny Sunday morning in May, when it was possible to see and record in pen and brush strokes a beautiful natural landscape and the architectural details of the Monument to Estacio de Sa designed by iconic modernist architect Lucio Costa. In its diversity of participants, o USK Rio, which has amalgamated friendships over 99 meetings, It has also explored the architectural diversity, landscape and social types of the Wonderful City.

Through its Social Responsibility program in the pillar of Culture, Estacio is a partner of RIOTUR, It is responsible for curating the Visitor Center Estacio de Sa Monument. The place will be a meeting point for the hundredth meeting and has to do with the intention of seeking a landmark for the carioca at the height of the celebration of the longevity of this group of enthusiasts for the location design.. after all, celebrating a hundred meetings is not something that happens so routinely.

The contrast of elegant and discreet architecture designed by the architect to remember the founder and the foundation of a luxuriant, gives us to see, very intimate, one of the postcards more known in the world, Sugar Loaf. With so much beauty and elegance available, the result that it is possible to confer this exhibition, could only receive laudatory adjectives. A diversity of talent that came out of several districts of the city to share the pleasure of drawing with natural heritage and the strength of the Brazilian modern architecture. Viva Estacio de Sa, long live the Sugar Loaf, live Lucio Costa, long live the Rio de Janeiro!

Event – Drawing on the monument: 100º Encounter Urban Sketchers River
Location - Visitor Center Estacio de Sa Monument – Av. Infante Dom Henrique, s/n Subsolo – Flamengo Park
Date – 18 august to 22 September 2019
Time:from 9h to 17h
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