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Day Nutritionist. Photo: Disclosure.

Day 31 Nutritionist's Day

On 31 August is celebrated the Day of Nutritionist and there are many reasons for this celebration! And who thinks dieting and think about food is something 'boring', these professionals can change the habits of life and increase the pleasure word dreaded by many people: diet. No need to do a restrictive diet to ensure health. The famous super substitutions are allied in this process improves inner.

This little rule anything decrease or increase the intake of some food. The balance and the right amount of food, allied with a physical activity, They are sufficient to ensure healthy eating. "Sheep's milk is appreciated everywhere in the world. It is far superior to cow's milk, buffalo and goat, in addition to an intense and remarkable flavor. It has a lot of essential nutrients for overall health, It is extremely healthy, benefiting various parts of the body. Whenever we consume products derived from sheep's milk, We receive large quantities of protein, carbohydrates, good fats, essential minerals and vitamins.

intense and tangy flavor, It is widely used in cheese production, yogurt and sweet.

Thus benefits the immune system, assists in the growth and development of children, It is rich in antioxidants and helps in preventing diseases, mainly cancer. It is easy to digest, It is suitable for people with digestive problems ", listed nutritionist Ana Lucia Thamsten, serving in Icaraí, Pendotiba and Itaboraí.

A great option is the sheep's milk and lamb. Sheep's milk is healthier and nutritious and compared to cow's milk, the sheep have 75% more calcium, 150% more vitamin C and 160% the most biotin, addition of high biological value proteins, and various minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper and zinc. Digestion is easier and is rich in phosphorus with low-lactose, besides not having the addition of dyes and preservatives. Already the lamb is considered a super rich red meat in high biological value protein, It has many vitamins and minerals, rich in iron, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, niacin and phosphorus.

These delicacies can be easily found in the Sheep Emporium, in Icaraí, one natural products from sheep and lamb shop specializing in balanced food and the idea is to provide a great choice in gastronomy and wellness. All products are manufactured in Farm Cabanha own brand Life, in southern Minas Gerais, in the region of Serra da Mantiqueira. The shop is in Alvares de Azevedo Rua, 108 Shop 102 in Icaraí. The opening hours are: Monday and Tuesday from 11h to 22h; Wednesday to Saturday from 10h to 23h and Sunday from 10am to 18pm. More information by phone (21) 3619-0449.

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