Book "The Kitchen" will be released in the Library Argument Leblon

The work has the support of Estacio and was produced by teachers and graduates of the institution Gastronomy course

In order to provide a good reference of the fundamentals of professional cooking to those who study and are interested in doing quality work, the organizers Laura Miranda da Rocha and Renata Matoso, in partnership with Estacio, They are launching the book "The Kitchen". The collective work also includes the participation of teachers and graduates, como Alex Sakatsume, Ana Abaurre, Jocelen Sodre, Laura Kiyoko Ide, Luiz Eduardo Jacobsohn, Maria Cristina Lontro, Maria de Lourdes Augustine Andrade, Renata Machado and Rosangela Paola. It will be launched at the Library Argument Leblon, on 2 September, Monday, a partir the 19h. The event will be open to the public.


"The Kitchen" provides the foundation for working with food in a professional kitchen and addresses several issues: hygiene and food safety, quality criteria for food, how they should be handled, prepared and stored, utensils and kitchen equipment, as well as basic information on nutrition and the most common forms of allergy and food intolerance, cooking techniques and transformations undergone by food under the action of heat other elements. It is worth noting that it is not a cookbook, however, Kitchen base preparations are presented, such as soups and sauces.

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The target audience are students and professional kitchen, as well as all those interested in deepening their knowledge in the fundamentals of professional cooking. According to Laura da Rocha Miranda, the central idea was to publish the experience of the authors, All cuisine teachers, and the main techniques used in professional kitchens of the world, using as a basis the principles of French cuisine and contemporary. The hardcover book, in format 23 x 28 cm, is 228 pages and is being brought to the literary market by Editora Cultural ID. The average price of launch costs $ 95,00 and its ISBN number has 978-85-68639-31-3. Copies will be sold in physical stores and also through the websites of the argument Libraries & Lane.

"The Estacio is keen to support literary productions and entitled" The Kitchen "is no different. For the institution, he has a special flavor, it was designed and produced by teachers and graduates of our course of Gastronomy. We believe that this creation will be a source of inspiration for those seeking knowledge through literature on Brazilian cuisine ", says Claudia Romano, Vice President of Institutional Relations and Sustainability Estacio, vice-rector of Culture of the Estacio de Sa University.


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