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Tips for decorating small balconies

The s apartments do not always have a large outdoor area. By the way, most of them have small balconies, being extremely difficult to plan a decoration for these environments.


So that now, when well decorated, they can enhance your property and make a difference compared to other apartments.

The small balcony doesn't need much to stand out. By the way, a little creativity and a mix of elements, may be enough to build a pleasant space, cozy and modern.


However, just like anywhere in the house, balcony decor, however small, requires a lot of planning. after all, it is necessary to think about the optimization of space to enable the circulation of people.

Today's article will show you some tips for decorating small balconies and achieving a pleasant environment, valuing the property. Follow the reading and check the recommendations for your apartment!

1 – Define your balcony theme

The first step is to decide the purpose of your balcony, it means, choose a theme for space.

Currently, balconies are used for various purposes, as for example, gourmet spaces, or else, a place of relaxation and meditation.

It is important to define the theme of your balcony to start the decoration planning, since a gourmet space requires furniture and items other than a rest area. All of this will directly influence the planning.

Regardless of the purpose of your balcony, you have to consider that it is small and, therefore, all furniture and decorative elements must be adapted to the space.

2 – Create a vertical garden

The vertical garden can be an option for all types of balcony, including for the gourmet space or meditation area.

Placed directly on the wall, is a technique that helps to integrate nature into urban environments, being an option for small balconies, but also for other rooms in the apartment, as indoor areas.

One of the great advantages, beyond the presence of nature, is at affordable price for building the green wall.

The resident himself can make the purchase of vertical gardening material, found easily in garden and decor stores, and install the pots and plant crops himself.

Vertical gardens bring many benefits to the environment, including:

  • Make the place more intimate and pleasant;
  • Act as thermal insulators;
  • Fight the heat islands of big cities;
  • Clean and purify air quality.

Furthermore, green walls revitalize your apartment area, making the landscape much more beautiful and cozy.

3 – Opt for green accent elements

Beyond the vertical garden, the option for decorative elements that refer to nature can be a great solution for small balconies, especially for those who want a light spot, fit to relax.

Or use of decorative synthetic grass on the balcony floor it gives the impression of a larger and more, in addition, offers a mix of sensations, since residents can find a place close to the environment inside their own home.

Due to the size of the balcony, investment in synthetic grass will not be expensive, as only a few cards will be able to cover the entire space.

Synthetic grass can be used in conjunction with the vertical garden, to create a green environment, that resembles parks and contributes to tranquility, residents' well-being and quality of life.

4 – Use planned furniture

As we are talking about a small environment, the ideal is to use furniture custom-made on the balconies, because they are accurately measured, collaborating for the optimization of space and better organization of the site.

The measure is even more important if your balcony is used for a gourmet space. After all, the tables and chairs are expected to be available, so that residents and guests can sit on the porch and enjoy each other's company.

It is not necessary to make large investments, just the essentials to ensure comfort, without harming the circulation space.

For example, one custom sofa can be used as an alternative to chairs, since the furniture is capable of accommodating more than one person at the same time.

This furniture is also easily adaptable to meditation and relaxation balconies, although, must be personalized with highly comfortable pillows - all to create an environment conducive to rest and relaxation.

Another option, is to use a wardrobe size, small size, but adaptable, that can turn into a table, when necessary.

5 – Use glass for decoration and safety

Who has children and pets, know that in addition to the balcony decoration, you also need to think about security.

after all, accidents must be avoided, because pets and children can be careless near these places.

Because of that, the ideal is to invest in something that can be both beautiful and safe, as is the case with balcony glazing.

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Using glass to close the room, your balcony has a panoramic view and, in addition, the facade of the building is extremely elegant, being an alternative for those who want to value the property.

Furthermore, with the balcony glazing, it is possible to increase the useful space of the house, transforming your balcony into another room, like a new living room, or a place for children to play.

The closure also preserves your balcony from the weather and the entry of insects. In other words, for those who want to put furniture on site, glazing is the solution to preserve the furniture's life against rain and the intensity of sunlight.

However, if the resident does not want to close the entire environment, but still want to guarantee safety and beauty, another option is the glass railing for balcony.

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Installed with aluminum and stainless steel profiles, it can be molded to the specifications of each balcony.

The guardrail is a different way of offering protection to the place and enhancing the property, because it is also a modern and high standard solution.

In any case, for those who want an even more closed place, but with the possibility of opening, from time to time, for or external environment, to glass window tipper can also be applied to apartment balconies.

6 – Install small grills

There are people who can't do without a good barbecue - not just for the food, but for the opportunity to gather friends, relatives and acquaintances.

For those who live in apartments, this can be a problem.

But with good planning, it is possible to install small grills, fully adaptable to smaller apartment balconies.

A tip might be to build a custom grill, that fits the environment and still allows free movement of people. This is a good solution for gourmet spaces.

7 – Use the wood to build a mini deck

Wood is one of the noblest materials in existence, being one of the items that never goes out of style in decoration.

An example of this are decks, that can be adapted to any environment, including for small balconies.

The decks collaborate so that the space has a charming look. In General, they are used for more rustic decor, however, it is possible to find contemporary design projects, for a sophisticated environment.

By the way, in the case of balconies, decks can be used in conjunction with vertical gardens, being installed directly on the wall cladding.

Another feature that can be combined with decks to decorate small apartment balconies is the use of pebbles, as well as other decorative stones. Thereby, residents can set up a small conservatory.


Often overlooked by residents, or seen only to have a brief contact with the external environment, apartment balconies are neglected in decorating plans.

So that now, when well used, they become highly cozy spaces, that contribute to the property valuation.

Furthermore, small balconies can be adapted for different functions, as gourmet spaces, rest areas, reading and meditation corners or as an extension of your living room, being an appropriate place for children to play.

The secret is to abuse creativity, without forgetting the planning.

after all, we are dealing with a relatively smaller space and, therefore, you need to think about all the details, to guarantee an attractive decoration, without hindering the flow of people within the site.

Because of that, it is worth investing in projects to decorate small balconies, as a way to enjoy all the benefits that this environment can offer.

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