Juliana Vannucchi é graduada em Comunicação Social, licenciada em Filosofia e Editora-chefe do site Acervo Filosófico.
Juliana Vannucchi is graduated in Social Communication, has degree in Philosophy and editor-in-chief of the site Acervo Filosófico.

[dropcap]And[/dropcap]meters 2018, the brilliant writer Camilo Alves Nascimento decided to gather his tales and disseminate them through fanzines, a not very conventional format for that purpose. Although it is not common for a writer to use these independent magazines to share his stories with the public, this idea was absolutely creative and yielded great results. According to Camilo, the option for this format was a way to circumvent costs and disseminate culture for free. As the writer commented, “The zine was born with the intention of bringing free culture to people. If they didn't have access to culture before, now there is no more excuse. Editions have always been offered for free and, from the beginning of production to today, the zines have already been distributed in cities like DF, Goiânia, São Paulo, Floripa and other locations ”.


Camilo's writing carries diverse influences, such as de Kerouac, Bukowski and fantastic realism. Overall, his tales have a nihilistic background and address themes such as existential anguish, human loneliness and worldly chaos. These elements are evident in the way in which his characters face the instabilities and imperfections of everyday life. Camilo dives into the soul of his characters and this makes his ideal stories for broken hearts, melancholy souls and confused minds. In your tales, the reader easily identifies with doubts, problems, wishes, fears and other emotions and feelings that are presented in the most diverse contexts and, therefore, it is as if the characters created by Camilo embody what we are and live. We can say that his profound texts, both by the theme and by the sensitivity through which they are presented, remember, in a certain way, classic authors like Albert Camus and Tolstoy, who in their works approach human reality in its crudity, its absurdities and its uncertainties.

With regard specifically to the content and format of copyrighted magazines, Camilo revealed: “I thought it would be interesting to have a feminine view of what I write. My friend, the tattoo artist Nádia Dalla Vecchia, Araguari resident and active in the cultural and independent scene of the city is responsible for the illustrations. She draws freely, in accordance with your feelings and intuitions, according to what she feels, there is no briefing involved ”. In addition to these aspects already highlighted, there is another creative feature in relation to zines: each edition has a specific soundtrack that is carefully prepared by the author. About this feature, Camilo commented: “There is also a musical side involved, because I make playlists available on Spotify that serve as a soundtrack for each zine ”. In this way, we can see that there is a very interesting artistic and cultural triad involved in this praiseworthy independent production: we find the text itself, the images and also the songs. This is precisely the main highlight of the project, because the set of such elements guarantees the zine a unique signature and remarkable originality, all this being developed around the “underground philosophy”, it means, based on the universe of independent creation, or “D.I.Y”, ideology according to which anyone is able to systematize and materialize their own ideas without necessarily depending on third parties and without having high costs and investments.

Our country is currently facing a sharp cultural and artistic crisis and, in the face of this deplorable scenario, we are filled with joy, pride and hope when faced with a creative and determined soul like that of the talented writer Camilo Alves Nascimento, who continually strives to write, launch and disseminate its independent productions.

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