How to Build a Luxury Bathroom in Your Home?

Make one luxurious bathroom is an excellent way to considerably increase the market value of a property.. The bathroom is a very intimate room., and putting refinement and good taste in this space allows much more tranquility for the user.

To create a bathroom with all the luxury possible, the process is not difficult, although it requires attention and care from the room decorator who will create the architecture residential projects.

For this to occur, the secret of achievement is in the details, since in its essence, the bathroom is a functional and intimate room..


The right coatings, the chosen bathtub model and the decorative pieces for the environment will be essential to achieve a luxurious structure, besides one bathroom exhaust system, creating a very positive impact on visitors and potential buyers.

Therefore, knowing how to deal with this type of decoration is a very important step to create a unique environment in one of the areas where it is believed that there is less space for decoration, since this type of environment often doesn't escape much of the pattern.

Luxury coatings

To start the remodeling process for a luxury bathroom, you must think about the type of coating that will be used in the environment..

The choice itself depends a lot on the type of decoration you intend to use.. With the advance of technology, it is even possible to hire a home automation company to innovate in your bathroom design..


Marble is known to be the most common flooring in luxurious rooms., especially with regard to bathrooms, because it is a noble material, that makes the finishing of the environment much more sophisticated.

However, you have to be willing to spend on this coating, since its cost is much higher than other market alternatives. Indicated to leave the bathroom with a much more luxurious air and with refined tones.


Granite is an excellent alternative to marble. It is still considered a noble coating., and follows the same style as the marble, although it costs a little less than the first model.

This is a stylish jacket., allowing you to create very luxurious environments together with a stainless steel bathroom grab bar, leaving granite as a standout piece for the decoration.


Porcelain is a more modern material, which has gained a lot of popularity in several rooms due to its glass appearance, in addition to creating a much more homogeneous decor.

It is a material that has a mirror-like appearance and is very resistant, bigger even than ceramic pieces.

Hydraulic Tile

Another elegant option is to use the hydraulic tile. This type of coating was used as an object of religious art during the 19th century., and its manufacture is handmade, which means each piece is assembled separately.

The big difference of this type of coating is its durability, which can lead you to buy bathroom metals to match this material and complement the environment.

This type of material is very resistant to wear and tear and different types of impact., being ideal to keep the decoration style, even if it is used many times a day.

choosing your bathtub

Another important piece for a luxurious bathroom is choosing a nice bathtub.. This piece is one of the main highlights and there are several different models that you can choose to suit the model you are choosing to make the makeover..

traditional bathtub

The conventional bathtub is built-in, therefore, it is necessary to work with masonry to make the correct placement of the piece. Depending on the style of decor you want to follow, it is possible to assemble the entire masonry bathtub.

Although this is a simpler option than the conventional one, the traditional bathtub has the most design options, being able to adapt to different models and specific environments, keeping the luxury of the environment.

soaking tub

This bathtub model is usually smaller than the traditional ones., and it's not fixed to the ground, allowing more mobility when assembling the luxury bathroom decor, achieving an expansion of your possibilities.

Inspired by old models, like the victorian style, this type of bathtub is widely used in design structures that draw on the classic or romantic style..


The jacuzzi is one of the most requested models for luxury bathrooms. It is a hot tub, a fixed structure that uses a pump system to massage the user.

There are models for one person or for couples, in some cases even groups, which are normally used near swimming pools as part of the relaxation and leisure system using water.

hot tub

The Ofuro is a model that is narrower and deeper than other types of bathtub., often round and made of wood. This piece can be used both for immersion baths and for hydromassage.

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Due to the hot tub model, it blends in very well with a more rustic structure, but it's still a very interesting and luxurious format for other models, mixing modernity with classic.

Decorating your luxury bathroom

After setting the foundations of the luxurious bathroom, it is important to pay attention to the decorative pieces, to choose the most suitable tools to determine the style you chose for this makeover.

In this way, you get a more adequate structure to assemble a bathroom exactly the way you've always thought, raising the market value of the property and achieving a much more adequate structure.


Lighting is one of the most important points of a luxury bathroom. Proper lighting can have a strong impact on the style of the room., making it more sophisticated and refined with a chandelier for bathroom.

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You can invest in a number of options, as for example:

  • Chandeliers;
  • Ceilings;
  • Lamps;
  • glass structures.

One of the best ways to highlight the environment is to place focal points to create more comfort in the room, as well as the use of good natural lighting to avoid problems in the future..


Bathroom colors have a very important impact in determining the most luxurious and elegant style of your decor..

Therefore, it is important to bet on some of the most common shades for a bathroom and that match the stainless handle from the closet, if this is your choice.

Earthy tones go great with this bathroom shape, especially if used together with wooden pieces to create a cozy and stylish environment.

toilet and tub

The choice of these pieces depends a lot on the type of style you want to apply in your decoration., and there are several different models that can be applied to keep the structure of the environment more luxurious.

No case of cuba, there are some parts that get cleaner, like pieces of glass or stone, creating a unique and stylish environment. However, more traditional models can be used equally.


Choosing a shower is also an important part of using the bathroom.. The space must still be functional, so the ideal is to choose a material that is resistant to moisture.

To get a more accurate result, the best materials are stainless steel or chrome shower heads, that add style to the environment without losing the qualities when using the item.

About the model, there are several options for you to choose, the most common for this bathroom model are square or round shapes, that give a more modern tone to the environment.

floating roof

One of the details that many people overlook and perhaps one of the main elements to bring more luxury and sophistication to their pieces. You can apply this type of ceiling to create a suitable environment for this type of action.

The ceiling must match the environment you are proposing, although it is not a highlight for the structure.. It brings a much more refined charm and elegance.


Mirrors are a key piece in any bathroom.. There are a multitude of templates and styles you can use, but for a luxurious environment that has a stainless steel shelf, the common mirror is hardly ideal.

Therefore, look for models that are original and creative, bringing a special differential for this type of moment, applying the piece more creatively in the composition of your decor.

Final Considerations

A luxurious bathroom is a very stylish space., that adds value to any property in which it is installed.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the potential of working with this type of environment to achieve a more suitable result in your facilities.

The more stylish you are your bathroom, the more unique it will be, what gives this special charm to better enjoy this type of environment in your home.

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