Free Course: History of Russian art

Curso Livre: História da Arte Russa. Divulgação.
Free Course: History of Russian art. Disclosure.

The Russian art-here, understood in its architectural manifestations, pictorial and sculptural-has a complex history: on the other hand, is the art of well known icons, of religious devotion, the great responsible for building imagery of Eastern Christianity. On the other hand, He was also one of the most important territories for the emergence of revolutionary art, the avant-garde aesthetics, abstract painting, the latest experiences in the field of photography. None of these aspects, However, Deletes the other: at the center of it all is the Russian culture, understood by various looks and sensibilities. This course aims to discuss and reflect on the construction of the Russian art, in his devotional moments, revolutionary and cutting-edge.

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Vanessa Beatriz Bortulucce is post doc by the Department of modern Letters FFLCH-USP. Graduated in history from the State University of Campinas (1997), Master in history of art and culture from the University of Campinas (2000) and a doctorate in Social History from the University of Campinas (2005), is lecturer in the following institutions: Assumption University Center (UNIFAI), Universidade São Judas Tadeu and Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo. Has experience in the field of art history, acting on the following subjects: Arte Sacra, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Italian Futurism, Umberto Boccioni, Aesthetics of totalitarian regimes, Comic strip, History of Design, Communication theory, Cinema, Cultural Industry, translation. Independent researcher, has your resume articles and books that address the analysis of the image, in their most varied contexts.

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Period: 25 august to 10 November (Fridays)
Time: 14h30 to 17h
Load time: 20 hours
Value: R$ 430,00 (in sight) or R$ 480,00 (03 times)


Information: (11) 5627.5393
Local: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo
Address: Avenida Tiradentes, 676, Light. Subway Tiradentes.
Free parking (or access alternative): Rua Dr. Jorge Miranda, 43 -Subject to stocking
At the end of the course the student will receive the certificate.

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