Collection of sacred art is featured in virtual auction

Auction will feature collection of Maria Antonia Marinho, the House of the Alto da Boa Vista in Rio de Janeiro and other principals.

The works will be auctioned in days 23 and 24 August, from the 9:00 pm.

With great furniture collection, sacred images, Silver, crockery Cla Indias, academic and contemporary paintings, lithographs and rare books, all of the 17TH centuries, XVIII, XIX and XX, totaling 467 lots is being carried out in São Paulo, the virtual sale of Dutra of the Auctions Maria Antonia Marinho, through the site

According to the auctioneer Luiz Fernando Dutra, deserves special mention the dresser of paper D. Joseph I of rosewood with secret compartment for value guard, da Bahia, 21st century. XVIII. As well as a dining room composed of a table of 440 cm in length and 16 Rosewood chairs, all of the 18th century.

Cômoda papeleira de D. José I de jacarandá com compartimento secreto para guarda de valores, da Bahia, séc. XVIII. Foto: Divulgação.
Paper D Dresser. Joseph I of rosewood with secret compartment for value guard, da Bahia, 21st century. XVIII. Photo: Disclosure.


Complete bench of six Torchbearers wooden carved baroque of Minas Gerais in the 18th century. XVIII;

Pieta, Santa relatives, Santana master and set of five Christs crucified century wood. XVIII;

Chinese export porcelain known as the East India Company some emblazoned;

Collection of dishes and blue and white porcelain platter Macau with container for hot water (electric hot tray), small terrines and slaves again whose name derives from the port of Macao origin, coming to Brazil at the end of the 20th century. 18th and early 19th century. XIX;

Exceptional and rare pair of porcelain deer Century India Company. XVIII;

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Set of dishes, sleepers, terrines, saucepans and salt Company of the Indies, default "tobacco leaf";

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The East India company serving tray, known as the peacocks and roosters service platter of D. John VI belonged to Royal Farm of Santa Cruz;

Portuguese and Latin dictionary of Raphael Bluteau 1712 -1728 in ten volumes;

Letters of Father Antonio Vieira dated 1735-1746 in three volumes reflect the purest prose of the Portuguese language;

Corografia Title of Ayres de Couple 1st Edition 1817 in two volumes;

Great arcaz of sacristy D. Jose I of rosewood with more than 322 long 19th century. XVIII;

Choir Stalls (D). Joseph I of rosewood with 124 cm high, 21st century. XVIII;

Paintings and drawings by contemporary artists such as Antonio Gomide, Cândido Portinari design, Manabu Mabe landscape.


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