Tips to revitalize your home without spending a lot

Did you know that revitalizing your home can be an easy activity, pleasant and, the best part, having minimal spending?


Pois é, it's not impossible to have your dream property, spending little for that, without creating monstrous debts. So, to help you in this endeavor, we separated the best tips to have a beautiful home. Check:

Before everything, understand why to revitalize

To have the initiative to revitalize a home, it is possible that this decision is based on reasons related to personal needs or wants.

But for those who are in doubt of taking the first step towards change, here are some advantages of investing in small, medium or large renovations in your home:

Personal satisfaction

If you are a person who admires decor magazines, programas de Interior design, or even want to invest in a project for your home, that besides changing the elements will make you happy, there is a good reason to revitalize.

But unlike many changes, whose total values ​​may not fit in your pocket – beyond, and often, do not have an interesting cost-benefit, you can fulfill personal satisfaction by spending little and using creativity.

Take the opportunity to promote changes that bring happiness, or who fulfill old dreams related to a reflection of their personal and professional growth, or fulfilling their own wishes, for example, investment in gardening and landscaping.

Pleasurable activity

Working on changes in the home is not always a tiring and stressful activity, on the contrary, many people use the opportunity for revitalization to have fun, and relax.

This becomes even more potent when changes are made to the dweller's own time, without big and tight deadlines, using as little money as possible.

This can be a good time to turn some actions into pleasurable activities that could be exhausting, for example, uma limpeza de fachada, something that takes time, willingness and attention.

Search for more comfort

Many people who buy or rent places to live end up spending a lot in the first months and even years, postponing non-urgent changes and giving way to day-to-day priorities, as feed, hygiene products and household bills.

However, for many people, there comes a time when the request for a more comfortable place of living ends up becoming something urgent, or at least a recurring subject in thoughts and conversations with locals, friends and family.

And in cases where residents have the resources to start investing in changes that bring greater comfort, while solving problems, revitalization can be a great alternative, not always needing to demand high costs.

In the case of a floor restoration, for example, it is possible to research well and find good prices and affordable services in your city. The upside of revitalization with a focus on improvement is that, usually, are actions properly analyzed.

Nothing is more advantageous than investing in a matter of comfort for your home, something that can positively modify the mental and physical health of the people who live there. Although every house is special, everything gets even better when we live in a cozy place.

Property valuation

A big reason for revitalization, that often ends up forgotten by the daily lives of the residents, or the lack of analysis of hypothetical and future situations, is the valuation of the property for sale or rent.

In the old days, many people who owned the property tried to live in the place until the end of their lives, and, later, pass on residence to children and relatives.

However, due to the multiple possibilities of moving house, rent new spaces and finance real estate, the thought of valuing their own house or apartment has become increasingly relevant for many people.

And that valuation goes beyond a nearby address or within a privileged area. The interior of the property, as internal structures, building electrical installations, painting, decoration, rooms and even landscapes are some relevant points.

Thinking about improving these points is essential to further increase the value of a place. And through change tips that value the affordable value and easy work, this becomes an increasingly easy reality.

Tips to revitalize without spending too much

After knowing the most sensible reasons to invest in revitalizing your home, inexpensively and easily, now know some essential tips to start getting your hands dirty.

1.   Have a financial plan

Before I go out renovating, buying and getting your hands dirty, try to concentrate all your desires for change in one role, along with financial planning, with the amounts of each expense and the limit that can be used.

Otherwise, its revitalization can happen just like a person who does a supermarket without the minimum planning: ends up spending what he shouldn't and forgetting priorities.

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In the case of large investments in reforms, such as breaking structures or buying large objects, you can invest, for example, in a facilities company, professionals or freelancers, that can assist in the entire process.

By outsourcing this service, you can be more sure that the whole process will take place with minimal extra expenses, still looking for savings and attention to possible facilities when buying or closing with a store, for example.

Be sure to include the professional who will work with the construction management in their detailed revitalization planning.

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2.   Search and chat before closing a service

Search as much as possible before closing a service, or purchase a product, can be one of the biggest savings within a property revitalization process.

From the choice of changes that will be made, it is essential that you research, at least, three different places, something that can bring you an idea of ​​more expensive and cheaper values, depending on the company to be hired.

Keep in mind that you will need the following information:

  • Material prices;
  • Service price;
  • Travel or freight charges;
  • Guarantees;
  • Possible promotional packages.

Amid this process, you may find cheaper services at a apartment painting company from a different neighborhood than yours, compared to nearby options, almost always chosen for their ease.

3.   Learn to make manual and spot repairs

For this tip, understand that to achieve lower costs in revitalizing your home, you will have to strive to learn tasks that you may not be able to perform.

This is not always a good alternative, since, depending on the work to be done and your level of difficulty, you can spend even more, like the famous losses.

Therefore, choose to learn on the internet or in books some low-risk activities, as wall paint, taco floor repairs, installation of shelves and other objects that can be easily put in place with accessible equipment.

4.   Invest in what's worth

In a revitalization process that focuses on lower costs, a good option is to think about investments for the future.

At first glance it may seem that some elements like electrical installations, floors, tiles and glass can look like extremely expensive items.

However, with proven quality, could be highly durable elements, which pays off a large investment. Even the payment for a professional who makes a monitoring of works can be a great choice.

5.   Plants, decorative objects and paintings

Possibly one of the cheapest tips within an internal change is the use of plants, paintings and personal and decorative objects to totally change the environment.

It looks simple, but with the right layout it can transform a small change. For this, get to know the styles that suit you best before buying these elements.

6.   focus on lighting

Some say that good lighting is worth a thousand pieces of decorative items. One of the best and most important tips for a change of atmosphere in your home is the investment in a composition of lights suitable for your environment.

Look for professionals who can help you buy the right lamps and fixtures for your property, according to your personal taste and also with the needs of valuing the corners of the place.


Following all these tips it became much easier to invest in a change in your living environment.

Start planning your revitalization now and see how you can totally change a space while spending much less than you think.

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