Ed Beltrão celebrates water in 'Temperance'

"It reflects my moment of more maturity and the calm that time has brought"

Ed Beltron launches its first book and opens the exhibitionTemperance”, under the curatorship of Juan Esteves, with 20 photographs that display a cutout of your work where all images have 'water' as a central or partial focus.


Temperance” is the visual result of John McCurdy's influence on the artist's creative vision that led him to create images with symbologies where “the waters can be more turbulent in younger phases of our existence and become calmer – temperate – with the passage of time ” explains Ed Beltron. "Adventure, mystery and beauty emanate from photographs inspired by the vast sea of ​​the Brazilian coast, through the sinuous mangroves and channels that cut inland, as well as more remote stops, that can go from Argentine Patagonia to the frozen tree fountains on the streets of Boston or New York”, confirms Juan Esteves.

The photographic equipment is what is available at the moment of the click – an iPhone, a Leica, a Nikon - whichever suits the cuts of the scene, which are your preference, what makes it use Zoom lenses that allow you to get closer to the scene even if it's a little far away without altering it or scaring the characters in the frame. Ed Beltrão's option is, in your most, gray hair, black and white because they value the focus of the image. "I believe it's more impactful to look at and also because I like to see cuts of scenes, lines that cross and mark and, especially the beautiful, take him, the cheerful, the proportions, among others” says the photographer. Your images reflect cultural values, the behavior and technology of the current moment.

In 20 works selected for the exhibition, a clipping of the book you are launching, they are “images that lead the reader on this multiple journey that highlights the ocean as a source of auspicious inspiration and poetic resonance”, defines the book's curator and editor Juan Esteves.

The photographer's moment is for redefining, records and documentation for life. In his own words, “in recent years I'm more focused on leaving my legacy in the area. I like to capture scenes that express silence, the beauty and harmony. I try to create a poetic universe in which the audience can penetrate and create their truth about the moment. I always believe that my best photo is the one I'm going to click tomorrow.”

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Temperance offers a lasting tribute to nature's most powerful force.” Juan Esteves

Exhibition: Temperance
Artist: Ed Beltron
Curator: Juan Esteves
Opening: 14 October 2021, Thursday, from 17:00 to 21:30
Duration: from 15 to 17 October 2021
Local: Captain Francisco Padilha Street, 69, Jardim Europa
Time: from 11:00 to 5:00 pm.
Number of works: 20
Technique: photography
Dimensions: R$ 2.800,00 e R$5.500,00
Price: 60cmx80cm e 114cmx140cm
Book: Temperance
Artist: Ed Beltron
Editor and Curator: Juan Esteves
Publisher: Source
Number of pages: 130
Dimensions: 24.5 x 30cm
Price: R$ 160,00

Ed Beltron

son of brazilian parents, born and bred in the United States, lives and works in São Paulo. Your studies, photography workshops and courses, in the years 60, were done with professionals from Life magazine in Washington DC. In 1969-1970, directed the Yearbook photography area – Saga – da Walt Whitman High School, which was awarded, in national competition, as the best among all american high schools. In São Paulo, takes courses at Enfoco school with Clode Kubrushly, Cristiano Mascaro e Maureen Bizilliat. He exhibited at Clube Athlético Paulistano and Feira Cavalete, having been awarded in several competitions in the last 5 years. in the biennium 2019/2020, did Art Advising and Cataloging with Kura Arte/ Camila Yunes Guarita.

Juan Esteves

Born in Santos, SP, lives and works in São Paulo. Graduated in Social Communication/Journalism; was a member of the Board of Trustees of Paraty em Foco International Photography Festival of 2005 to 2015 and Curator of the Festival in 2020. Author 8 books, and participates in more than 200 publications by publishers such as Cia das Letras, Cosac & Naify; Penguin Books, England; Rizzoli, Italy; Critical Editorial, Spain; Autrement Éditions e Éditions Bessard, France; Left Bank, China; Yale University Press, United States, Juan March Foundation, Spain; among others. He held exhibitions at the São Paulo Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) Museu de Arte Contemporânea da USP, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo; IMS; Oscar Niemeyer Museum, PS1 / MoMA, NY, Juan March Foundation, Spain; Stadelejik The Domain Sittard, Holland; Time Style Gallery, Tokyo; Victoria Miro Gallery, London; Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, USA, in about 28 individual and 180 collective shows.

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