Photographer gives tips for those who want to take the best night photos by cell phone

Taking pictures by cell phone at night is a huge challenge. To get the best result, photographer Frederico Gomes gives some tips that can be within reach of any smartphone.

Who has never been enchanted by a night sky and wished to take a photo, Is not it? So that now, in the absence of professional equipment or having only a cell phone at hand, many people try to capture these images and the result does not come out as expected. O photographer Frederico Gomes explains why this happens and how to turn it around to your advantage., even with your own smartphone.


"First, it must be noted if your device does not offer a long exposure time, because photography is first and foremost using light to compose an image. In other words, check your device settings before registering the photo”, advises Frederick. For those who don't have a device with the ideal settings, a good option, highlights, “is downloading an application that offers ISO options, focus and exposure time. With these details adjusted, the result will be better".

Remember that cellphone cameras usually have two configuration modes: automatic and manual. "The first works well in well-lit environments, but you must be aware that it will not always work. That's when the person needs to access the options and pay attention to important details, like exposure time, because this item is essential to be able to record images on dark nights with a starry sky".

For those who want to take pictures of the stars, for example, Frederick recommends that the person leave the camera capturing the light for a longer time, “this way it will be possible to receive an ideal amount of light to register the stars”. An essential detail that few people remember: "The light produced by houses and buildings is greater than that of the stars. So it's best to take the photos in a slightly darker environment", highlights.

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In addition to the luminosity issue, “It is essential to keep the camera stable. if the person trembles, certainly the image quality will not look good.. use a tripod, but if not, try to find a way to keep the smartphone still while the photo is being taken", observe Frederick.

With these guidelines, the photographer believes the images will look better than what is normally taken: "The result will certainly please you and you will be able to proudly share the results on social media", complete.


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