Marídea Soares – “Art lets out traces that mirrors don't reflect”

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Husband, tell us about yourself…

My name is Marídea Soares, Marino, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1976. Art in all its aspects has always enchanted me, especially the photography, the painting and the dance. I have been enjoying visiting museums and cultural centers since my adolescence. Graduated in Photography and Social Sciences, photographs of the “Urban Flags” type have always instigated me by the issue of spontaneity and by the challenge of capturing such images, trying not to be noticed by passersby. I've always liked photographing people and their relationship with the city.. In the Specialization in Art and Culture in 2011, held at Candido Mendes University-RJ, I had the opportunity to take an ethnophotography of the Copacabana neighborhood, entitled Forms of Sociability in Copacabana. This work was essential to sharpen my eyes for research, using photography as the main tool. I currently teach Sociology at the Rio de Janeiro State Network, activity that I do with passion.

Marídea Soares é Artista Plástica.
Marídea Soares is a Plastic Artist.

When the desire to be a visual artist awoke?

It all started during the Covid Pandemic 19. The routine at home during the quarantine made me rethink many things about life, but essentially a quest for existence, something that touched me and took me out of automatic doing, from the strenuous routine. The question that came up was whether to do something for sheer enjoyment and freedom, without any work bias or obligation. In this sense, painting showed me this path and I dared to start my first acrylic painting on canvas. I am fond of my first work – The Angel's Secret, it represents the beginning of my process as an artist.. The fact of not knowing how to draw freehand, I didn't see it as an obstacle, I get around this lack by studying the traces of the object I intend to paint, managing to reproduce them, to then compose a scenario of mine. In this aspect photography helps me a lot.

How he developed his style (technique)?

I try to study color harmony and composition balance. I'm not looking for a technique properly, but I try to focus on the theme of the work and on the idea that I want to convey to the viewer. I'm looking for something fun for the eyes. I like to play with reality and fantasy. I hope my paintings manage to convey this feeling.

Living from art is possible?

I think so. Although that's not my goal at the moment.; I'm fine doing something unrelated to the business process. If my images are capable of invoking feelings and producing dialogues, it will be a good way to go.

What skills are needed by an artist?

The most important thing is to be stubborn., start a project and don't stop. It's essential to test many possibilities and tools and feel what works for you and what doesn't.. The visual identity will come naturally from this discovery process.

What do you feel when you create or appreciate a work of art?

The feeling is of lightness and focus at the same time, it's a moment only mine, which no one interrupts. It's a unique opportunity to materialize my creation. I'm in the habit of praising the works I like, of the artists that I follow. The internet is a world gallery where we can see and be seen.




What are your inspirations for creating a work of art?

I like figurative art. I once did a painting inspired by my sister when she was pregnant. Animals are my great source of inspiration, if I could, I would have a zoo.

What art has impressed you the most so far?

I'm in love with Marc Chagall. We currently have many expressive works too, as or painter Elbow.

Are you always creating or just moments?

I think it's important to always be creating. I finish a work and think about the next one, I like to sketch so the idea doesn't get lost, I like the feeling of continuity of things.

The product of your work is unique or has some relationship with your previous work?

Depends on. There are phases that connect as the series "anthropomorphs", others are independent.

What are the challenges of art / artist in the current scenario?

The big challenge is still to make it accessible, spaces like theater, cultural centers and art galleries. In the public school where I teach, the number of students who have never watched a play or a musical concert. We cannot accept this reality! In addition, the young artists, especially from the periphery, still find it difficult to get cultural sponsorship for their projects..

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Social networks have helped you to spread your work?

Yes. Virtual networks are great showcases, where an artist can project himself and look for opportunities and exchanges of experiences.

How plastic arts can contribute to education and culture?

As long as it is inclusive, all art can add up. Art has to serve to dialogue about our issues, our world. The boys at my school are more familiar with graffiti, the rap, the funk, but they should circulate inside the galleries and see what is being produced in other artistic niches.. Art also plays an important role in social denunciation, we cannot avoid debating chronic issues in our society.

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How do you analyze the qualities of a work of art?

I give priority to visual impact and the ability to dialogue with the viewer. The technique quite simply, At my point of view, says little about the work.

What are the criteria for stipulating the value of a work of art?

The values ​​of a work are subjective. But issues such as the artist's notoriety are generally taken into account., he has participated in exhibitions, the relevance of your collections, time acting in the art market, whether he is alive or dead, technical innovation, works proposals, themed, among other things.

Talk about your projects today?

I'm currently working on the anthropomorphs series, these works speak to current issues in our society. be in education, music, sets, beauty, etc. The images present relaxation, always pointing to a social behavior or custom. Training in Humanities and dealing with certain social issues, somehow influenced this project..

What's your advice for those just starting out?

Start! Start your projects believing in them. don't stay hidden, show your ideas to as many people as possible., make connection with them. Be focused and organized. The rest will come in time.

Have you ever participated in an exhibition?

Yes. I am very happy to be able to participate in my first group exhibition, that will happen on the day 20 th December 2021, at Galeria Universo das Artes in Rio de Janeiro. I take this opportunity to thank the Buana Lima Trustees (Brasil) and Mark. E Ozán (Argentina). Thanks to initiatives like this, Beginning artists have the opportunity to show their work and exchange experiences with people from all corners of the world.

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* Thanks to Buana Lima, advisor to the plastic artist, for all the pertinent information the interview.



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