“Harlots” is about respecting women’s choices

Piece by the collective Projeto Gompa, from Porto Alegre, brings to the scene reports from sex workers

Whore, the new production that Projeto Gompa presents at the 32nd Curitiba Festival was born from the desire to get to know the universe of prostitution in Brazil and brings to the scene reports from sex professionals, taking as a starting point female prostitution in Rio Grande do Sul.


Investing in the little explored format of theater documentary film, Meretrizes has an original piano track, live to follow the real stories of sex workers. In scene, three sex workers, a guest from Curitiba.

"Why is it so hard for us, society, accept the woman's professional choice? The question applies to many other professions as well.”, asks Camila Bauer, the Director.

With two presentations – days 29 and 30 March at 8:30 pm, the Teatro Paiol – the Porto Alegre company returns to the Festival in 2024, at the Lucia Camargo Exhibition.

For almost a year, Actress Liane Venturella and Camila spoke to dozens of sex workers to create the play's script and dramaturgy. Part of the testimonies collected will be projected in audio or video during the presentations. The reports cover different phases of one of the first professions in the world.

“There is a huge prejudice, a difficulty in accepting that there are, activate, many women working in this profession in Brazil and around the world. And it is necessary to understand that in some cases it was a lack of option, but in others it was a choice”, notes.

“There are girls who like it and want it and girls who didn’t have other opportunities. It's not always a will, but sometimes it is – and this needs to be respected”, complete.

The performative character seeks to make the spectator realize how close we are to these realities, daily silenced. Contrary to what many think, several of these women do not live on the margins of society. They are married, They work during business hours and pick up their children from schools.

And, an important detail, highlights the director: the piece was built with them, it was not an isolated work. “Everything that is there was said by them, in zoom interviews, including, because we talk to people from other places in Brazil”, explains by talking about the presence of Paula Assunção and Soila Mar in the rehearsals, pointing out “what drama was, what was real or stereotypical”.

Paula and Soila, who will be in Curitiba, represent different generations. simple, is 40 years of work on the streets of Porto Alegre; Paula is a young woman who works in a virtual environment before deciding whether the meeting will be held in person.

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“The work brings together the idea of ​​art and community and brings to debate a subject little talked about in our society, which is the right that a woman has over her body and her choices from the point of view of one of humanity's oldest professions and, within today, little respected”, observes the director.

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“We want, through an artistic work that moves between documentary theater, live music and the presence of sex workers on the scene, sensitize the viewer in this search for respect for the choices of all women”, complete.

The Exhibition Lucia Camargo is presented by Banco do Brasil, Sanepar and Trader Energy Trading, sponsored by EBANX, Banco CNH Industrial and New Holland, ClearCorrect, Copel – Pure Energy, Brush, UNINTER and GRASP.


Direction: Camila Bauer. List: Liane Venturella. Original soundtrack and live piano: Catarina Domenici. Special participation in Curitiba: Paula Assunção and Soila Mar. Dramaturgy: Camila Bauer and Liane Venturella, based on reports from different sex professionals. Oral History Research/Interviews: Juliana Wolkmer. Lighting and videography: Isabel Ramil. Costumes: Liane Venturella. Consulting: Paula Assunção, Monique Prada and Soila Mar, Graphic art: Mitty Mendonça. Press office: Leo Sant’Anna. Photography: Laura Testa Direction and general production: Gompa Project. Support: NEP (Prostitution Studies Center) e Fatal Model. Duration: 70 minutes. Parental guidance: 18 years (no nude scenes)


Days: 3 and 4/4 at 8:30 pm.
Paiol Theater (Guido Viaro Square, s/n)

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1 thought on ““Harlots” is about respecting women’s choices”

  1. Harlots.,
    Now “Are” oh “They are” whores…
    Imagine that no tempo da Rome antiga a harlot (Latin), was a registered prostitute…
    Already, those that were not registered fell into the general category of prostibulae and/or prostibulae in Latin.
    To today; the pillars that support our society really seem so strong, worthy, virtuous and respected in the face of the things of the world?…


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