Play, book launch and conversation circle at Teatro Popular de Niterói

On 30 September, the Teatro Popular de Niterói will receive a project that includes show with storyteller and actress Daniella D'Andrea, book launch and conversation circle with narrators from the city and region. “The art of self-government”, timeless narrative, provokes reflections on the theme 'government' and its relationship with a conscious conduct towards life, and will be staged at 20:00, in one presentation.


A moody and disinterested prince, raised with excessive care by a dowager queen, is placed under the observation of an elder master. From the tale of the Arab tradition “The prince, the master and the eagle”, a spectacle is designed intertwining other tales. The storyteller and actress from Niteroi, Daniella D’Andrea, wakes up “The melon city” (Afghanistan) and “The Blind Abdallah” (arabia), as well as excerpts from the work “The Walled Garden of Truth” by Hakim Sanai of Ghazna, 12th century Persian poet.

 “Philosophical tales bring different layers of understanding so that everyone can absorb them in their own way., without worrying about discovering a message. Understanding comes from personal experience. The stories aren't obvious and don't even bring answers, but they stimulate living thought”, reflects the artistic narrator Daniella D'Andrea.

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With institutional support from the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro, through the RJ2 Cultural Retake Notice, “The art of governing oneself” is a broad project that includes a series of parallel actions linked to storytelling and literature., with the presence of storytellers, editors and translators. It was the winner of the 2019 adult theater for alternative spaces bid by the Fundação de Arte de Niterói and the cultural return bid 1 da Lei Aldir Blanc.

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On the same day 30/09, from 17h to 19h, there will be a conversation circle about the storytellers movement in Niterói with the participation of Aline Cântia and Fernando Chagas – both from AbraPalavra Publishing, who come especially from Belo Horizonte for the event – shirley france, playful artist and storyteller of the Carroça de Mamulengos and resident of Maricá and the secretary of Cultures of Niterói, Alexandre Santini (to confirm). The objective is to raise awareness and encourage actions for the sector in Niterói. The mediation will be by the narrator of stories from Niteroi and museologist Rita Gama. The chat marks the launch of the book “Artistic Narrative: ways of doing” (OpenWord), which brings trials of 10 storytellers, researchers and scholars of the art of the oral word from all over Brazil. The work is intended to be useful to artists, teachers, Librarians, cultural agents and everyone interested in the universe of storytelling.


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