22: virtual exhibition with paintings by Chilean artist Cheo González talks with insinuating texts by Mário de Andrade

Lusophone Museum of Sexual Diversity launches second exhibition honoring 100 years of the Modern Art Week and the writer

Still surfing on the success of his first exhibition, Queer Angola, which attracted thousands of visitors to the website of the Lusophone Museum of Sexual Diversity, showing Angolan LGBT people, the museum launches its second virtual exhibition.


With the suggestive name 22, an allusion to the Week of Modern Art in 1922 who completed 100 years, the exhibition brings together 11 paintings by Chilean artist Cheo González, openly gay and living in Brazil, with 11 suggestive texts by the Brazilian writer Mário de Andrade, one of the directors of the art week and icon of the Brazilian Modernist Movement.

And why Mário de Andrade? Namely, the writer was recently “out of the closet” when a letter was released that talks about his sexuality addressed to fellow writer Manuel Bandeira.

Cheo Gonzalez

with dramatic paintings, intense and expressive, the exhibition basically brings distorted faces, distressed, embittered, desperate, with strong colors and incisive strokes. Living in Brazil for five years, Cheo has worked as a publicist, designer, painter and illustrator, exhibiting and publishing works in Chile, Brasil, France, Russia, Japan, Germany and other countries.

Led teams on design projects earning more than 30 columnist awards and 40 Portuguese awards, including grand prix, Agency of the Year in Brazil, Agency of the Year in the Lusophone World, Best Magazine and Agency of the Year at Colunistas, and won several international awards for editorial design and illustration.

Mário de Andrade

was a poet, storyteller, chronicler, novelist, musicologist, art historian, Brazilian critic and photographer, that lived between 1893 and 1945. One of the founders of modernism in the country, created modern Brazilian poetry with the publication of his “Pauliceia Desvairada” in 1922, and is the author of classics such as “Amar, intransitive verb” 1927 and “Macunaíma” by 1928.

In 2015 Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa has made available for consultation an unpublished excerpt from a letter written by Mário de Andrade himself in 7 April 1928 to my friend Manuel Bandeira, in which he talks about his fame as a homosexual, this letter has an excerpt quoted in this exhibition.


Organized by Associação Diversa Arte e Cultura – DAC, curated and exhibited by Franco Reinaudo, is within the Google Arts platform & Culture, on the website of the Lusophone Museum of Sexual Diversity.

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The museum brings together artistic expressions by LGBT artists from 10 Portuguese-speaking countries and regions: Angola, Brasil, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe and East Timor.

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Link: artsandculture.google.com/story/cAXR-urzWS8IqA

Images: Cheo Gonzalez.

Texts: Mário de Andrade.

Curatorship and Expography: Franco Reinaudo.

Realization: Associação Diversa Arte e Cultura – DAC and Lusophone Museum of Sexual Diversity. Platform: Google Arts & Culture.


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