Museu Afro Brazil starts its celebrations 15 years with exhibition of São Paulo

500 historical items, among paintings, photographs, posters, objets of arte e de uso cotidiano celebram a transformação da cidade. Opening in 6 April, Saturday, from 11 hours

The Museum Afro Brazil, institution of the Department of Culture and Economy of the State of São Paulo Creative, managed by the Association Museum Afro Brazil - social organization culture, not open Saturday, day 6 April, às 11h, the exhibition "Museu Afro Brazil, in yours 15 years, celebrates São Paulo: an urban iconography ", highlighting, from a series of artistic and cultural elements, the transformation of the city of São Paulo a cosmopolitan town in megametrópole. Her, the curator and director of the Museu Afro Brazil Emanoel Araújo brings together more than 500 historical items between paintings, photographs, posters, objects, clothing, clippings from newspapers and magazines, maps, toys and porcelain mapping a chronology of the city.


"São Paulo is a city-synthesis, that sums up all the richness of ethnic and cultural diversity of our country, and, for its cosmopolitan condition, not isolated from the reality of the globalized world we live in. This is where all and the differences are confronted, all syntheses become possible, all visible shock, more than in any other part of the country. Here is where an Afro Brazil offers us the challenge of heritage rescue ", highlights Emanoel Araujo, curator of the exhibition and also the founder of the Museum Afro Brazil, celebrating 15 years of activity 2019.

The exhibition is divided into some nuclei: "Sao Paulo, an industrial metropolis ", where advertising signs are displayed, crockery, toys, decorative items, furniture from the Arts and Crafts Lyceum, packaging of various food products, among other items that indicate both the São Paulo industry and its relation to the world economy. In "Belle Epoque Paulistana", the curator presents objects linked to the customs of years 1920, highlighting dresses and sketches of Maison Marnah, da dressmaker held Madame Maria Adelaide da Silva, plus props like handbags, fans, beauty articles and two rare tissue of Brazilian painter and decorator Regina Gomide Graz (1897-1973). The core "Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932", on the other hand, brings the vast public iconography that includes maps, bronze sculptures, streamers, porcelains, flags that reference the armed movement occurred between July and October 1932, when the state of São Paulo enter into conflict with the government of Getúlio Vargas.

The core "Carnival Paulistano" gathers original reproductions and photographs that redeem the importance of black presence in popular party in the city. "IV Centennial" the core is wider range of substrates. In it, philately, numismatics, disks, cups, crockery, trays, journals, posters and maps recall the festivities and celebrations that marked the anniversary of 400 anniversary of the city in the year 1954, when it was inaugurated Ibirapuera Park.

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visual arts, music and Press, here including rare and fragile periodicals, are not left out of the curator's choices, each receiving a specific area within the exhibition. The curator of visual arts, However, emphasizes the Brazilian artists participants of the 2nd Biennial, held between 1953 and 1954, known as "Biennial of Guernica", in reference to the coming of the famous work "Guernica" (1937) Pablo Picasso, displayed on the premises of the current Museum Afro Brazil. works are displayed: Aldemir Martins, Danilo Di Prete, Sanson Flexor, Manabu Mabe, Aldo Bonadei, Lothar Charoux, among others.

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By bringing together this wide range of precious items, Araujo illustrates Emanoel material wealth and symbolic of the transformations that passed the village of São Paulo de Piratininga the sixteenth century to the rank of largest city in Lusophone and main financial and commercial center of the southern hemisphere. "Museu Afro Brazil, in yours 15 years, celebrates São Paulo: an urban iconography "account, also, with extensive chronology, displayed on the wall show, that signals the main events of the city of São Paulo, auxiliando o visitante a desfrutar com rigor histórico essa memorável e superlativa exposição.

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The Museum Afro Brazil, institution of the State Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo, It is a historical museum, artistic and ethnological, back to search, preservation and exhibition of works of art, documents and objects related to the cultural universe of the black in Brazil. It opened in 2004, from the private collection of its current director and curator Emanoel Araújo. Your schedule of permanent and temporary exhibitions, associated with educational activities, highlights the African perspective in the training of heritage, identity and Brazilian culture, celebrating the memory, history and Brazilian art and african-Brazilian. Its collection currently has more than 6 thousand items, among paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs, objects, ethnological documents and pieces of Brazilian and foreign authors, produced since the seventeenth century to the present day. It is located in Ibirapuera Park, designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1954 on the occasion of the celebrations of the fourth centenary of the city of São Paulo, the premises of the Pavilion Manoel da Nobrega, more space 11 thousand m2 which has exhibition spaces, beyond the Teatro Ruth de Souza, com capacidade para150 pessoas, e a Biblioteca Maria Carolina de Jesus.

Shows: "Museu Afro Brazil, in yours 15 years, celebrates São Paulo: an urban iconography "
Curated By: Emanoel Araújo
Opening: 06 April, Saturday, to 11 hours
Exhibition period: from 07 April to 07 th July 2019
Museum Afro Brazil
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n
Ibirapuera park – Gate 10 (acesso pelo portão 3)
São Paulo / SP – CEP 04094-050
? (11) 3320 8900
Hours of operation: from Tuesday to Sunday, das 10h às 17h, com permanência até as 18hs.
Tickets: R$ 6 (free admission on Saturdays)
App Museu Afro Brazil available for IOS and Android, with free download in Google Play and App Store.


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