Museum of Tomorrow opens exhibition “Feel World – An Immersive Journey”

Multisensory exhibition will take the public on a walk through the forests, through the soil and the dance of insects with olfactory stimuli, tactile, visual and sound

How do ants see the world?? And the flying insects? Have you ever imagined what their perspective is like?? The Museum of Tomorrow invites the public to experience these sensations and to get closer to different species in the exhibition “Feeling the World – An Immersive Journey”, which opens to visitors on the day 30 January.


A section of the project designed and developed by Sensory Odyssey Studio, in co-production with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, takes viewers on a journey through three themed areas: in the forest canopy, inside the soil and the dance of the insects, through high definition projections, characteristic sounds, olfactory stimuli.

“The first temporary exhibition of 2024 sheds light on the coexistence of species and the interdependence of humanity with nature. “Sentir Mundo” places visitors in different perspectives and in the habitat of other species, proposing a dive into the interaction network between them. The exhibition also raises issues of environmental preservation, which dialogues with the entire Museum's programming and reinforces the importance of the theme and of thinking about solutions. I’m sure the exhibition is a great program for all ages”, explains João Falcão, general director of the Museum of Tomorrow.


When entering “Sentir Mundo”, the public will take a leap into the unexpected and will be able to use curiosity as a compass to explore the characteristics of the forest, soil and insect life.

Visitors will be surprised by smells developed especially for the exhibition, inspired not natural environment, according to the ecosystem they are visiting.


In the forest canopy area – which is the cover formed by the tree tops – for example, It will be possible to feel like you are at the top of the trees.

What awaits next is a side-by-side tour of the microorganisms responsible for underground life, where you can hear ant noises, insects carrying leaves and smelling wet earth.

The following work adds a superzoom to insect images, so that the public can see up close how they live and imagine how varied the perceptions are that such fascinating beings have of each environment.

The floral scent and buzzing noise complete the experience.. The final route prepares visitors for a return to everyday life, more attentive and aware of the various sensory stimuli that surround us and the importance of preserving biodiversity..

In addition to the partnership with Sensory Odyssey Studio, the exhibition “Sentir Mundo – An Immersive Journey” has exclusive content produced by the National Museum.

The researchers developed three insectaries (boxes with different species of insects) to present the species that are part of the ecosystems present in the exhibition. The material will be present on a panel with explanatory texts and images shortly after leaving the immersive space.

“Sentir Mundo – An Immersive Journey” arrives at the Museum of Tomorrow, attracting curious looks from the public who are waiting for another new and exclusive exhibition, characteristics that are already part of the Museum’s history.

The original project, developed by Sensory Odyssey Studio in co-production with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, (National Museum of Natural History) has already visited Paris and Singapore and received more than 375 thousand visitors since its opening, in 2021. Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition is presented by Livelo, with the support of IFF and the creation of the Museum of Tomorrow. And it also has a content partnership with the National Museum and ESDI.

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Feel the World Exhibition – An immersive journey
From 30 from January to 2 June 2024
Address.: Praca Maua, 1 – Center
Opening time: Tuesday to Sunday, das 10h às 18h (with last entry at 5pm). Tuesdays admission is free. In the remaining days, tickets cost R$ 30 the entire amount and R$ 15 at half price.

About the Museum of tomorrow

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The Museum of Tomorrow is managed by the Institute of Development and Management – IDG. The project is an initiative of the City of Rio de Janeiro, designed in conjunction with the Roberto Marinho Foundation, institution connected to the Globe Group.

successful example of partnership between government and the private sector, the Museum counts on Banco Santander Brasil as its master sponsor, a Shell Brasil, CCR Group and Instituto Cultural Vale as sponsors and a wide network of sponsors that includes ArcelorMittal, Engie, IBM and Volvo.

With Globo as a strategic partner and Co-sponsorship of B3, It also has support from Bloomberg, Colgate, EGTC, EY, Granado, Rede D’Or, TechnipFMC e White Martins. In addition to DataPrev supporting special projects, we have media partners Amil Paradiso, Rádio Mix and Revista Piauí and Legal Advice provided by Luz e Ferreira Advogados.

About IDG

O IDG – Institute of Development and Management is a non-profit social organization specialized in managing public cultural centers and environmental programs.

Responsible for managing the Museum of Tomorrow among other facilities in the country, the Institute also works in consultancy for private companies and in the execution, development and implementation of cultural and environmental projects.

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