Museum of Tomorrow opens exhibition “Feel World – An Immersive Journey”

Museum of Tomorrow opens exhibition "Sentir Mundo - An immersive journey". Photo: Disclosure.

Multisensory exhibition will take the public on a walk through the forests, through the soil and the dance of insects with olfactory stimuli, tactile, visual and sound How do ants see the world? And the flying insects? Have you ever imagined what their perspective is like?? The Museum of Tomorrow invites the public to … Read more

Museum of Tomorrow performs live with astrophysicist and scientific disseminator Neil deGrasse Tyson

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

The series of debates Amanhãs Aqui e Agora will address the presence of science in the daily lives of Brazilians The first edition of 2021 of the Museum of Tomorrow Here and Now debate series, promoted by the Museum of Tomorrow, will receive one of the best known astrophysicists in the world and also scientific disseminator Neil deGrasse Tyson for … Read more


Imfusion. Disclosure.

Immersion in playful environments and paradoxical scales inspire installation at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio Without physical contact, technology captures the movement of visitors and provides interaction with sounds and images in high definition; IMFUSION will be open to the public in 29 October, respecting the protocols of health authorities. Belo Horizonte receives IMFUSION … Read more

Gilberto Gil participates in “Amanhãs Aqui e Agora”, Museum of Tomorrow's program on Youtube

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

In partnership with Globonews, interview brings the singer's philosophical and artistic reflections on the pandemic and human relationships and with nature Gilberto Gil's songs have become a symbol of several generations. From inspiration in Brazilian roots to connections with Africa, a influência cultural e política de Gil transborda fronteiras e representa a possibilidade de olhar oRead more

World Environment Day will have a chat with Sebastião Salgado and Rosiska Darcy and live with Lenine

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

World Environment Day is biodiversity theme. Activities take place virtually due to COVID-19 On the 4, to 16 hours, the Nature Hour live: Reflections on Tomorrow will have a chat by Rosiska Darcy and Sebastião Salgado with Fábio Scarano On the day 5, to 17 hours, Musical Chat with Lenine will mark World Day … Read more

“Be friends with our neighbors”: Museum of Tomorrow launches campaign to collect food baskets to be distributed by social organizations in the port region

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

Communities, that were already mobilized to help residents, now they will receive donations from those who join the Friends of the Museum program. Resources will be fully used for the purchase of food In the port region, where they live about 30 thousand residents, distributed by Health districts, Gamboa and Santo Cristo and the hills of Conceição, … Read more

During quarantine, Museum of Tomorrow launches virtual tour of the exhibition “Pratodomundo - Comida para 10 billion"

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

One year after inauguration, shows, which had more than 250 thousand visitors, will be available on the museum's social networks for three months from this Thursday, day 16 de abril Premiada com o Grand Prix de bronze na categoria Exposição temporária e com a marca de mais de 250 thousand visitors, Pratodomundo - Food for … Read more

Tomorrow the museum has special activities to reflect on the International Women's Day

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

Institution promotes the third edition of the "Girls 10 years ”with debates about the female presence in the city How many streets in our city are named after female names? How many monuments dedicated to women? This Saturday, day 7, the Museum of Tomorrow starts the programming of the International Women's Day with the … Read more

Tomorrow Museum and SEA celebrate the National Culture Day with free admission

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

The National Culture Day is celebrated 5 November across the country and, To celebrate, Tomorrow Museum and the Rio Art Museum - SEA will provide another day of gratuity. In addition to Tuesdays, Tomorrow Museum will have free admission on 6 November, on wednesday. MAR will also open … Read more

In the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Tomorrow Museum launches "Living Time - Indigenous Matrix"

Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

With the theme "Ecology of languages", program will have musical activity, read excerpts from "The fall of the sky", David Kopenawa and Bruce Albert, with the participation of Camila Pitanga and other guests, e Clube de Leitura sobre a obra No Ano Internacional das Línguas Indígenas, celebrated by UNESCO in this 2019, the Museum of Tomorrow … Read more