Felícia Leirner Museum – Exhibition Coming to Imaginary Worlds, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Ephemeral. Now, a bird in the valley
He sang for a moment, once, but
The valley still listening wrapped in peace
So that the voice of the bird does not shut.
And a future source, today primary
In the heart of the mountain it will burst
Fatal, of the burning stone, and will take
To the voice the necessary melody.
the ephemeral. And later, when old
If they make the flowers and the songs
To a new emotion they die, early.
Who knows the valley and its secret
Won't even think about the source, the salty…
But the valley must listen to the voice.
(MATHEW, 2006, p.21)


If only there were an imaginary valley where the mind could rest peacefully, dream and wander into nothingness, enjoying nature smiling; delighting in the scent of the forest; and sipping from the tireless fountain of hues. It would then be possible to hear the voice of the flowers saying repeatedly how happy they are amidst the simple things that surround them.. It would be possible to feel the breeze coming and going, carrying thoughts with you.

Maybe these worlds wander around, pass close to the creative mind and flow through the spirit in a whisper. To access them, it is enough for the thought to surrender, that is open, or simply hitch a ride on a colorful balloon and let yourself escape the monochromatic world that everyday life offers.


This judgment guided the work of Rosângela Vig, who created her Imaginary Worlds through Art. With award-winning works exhibited in several countries, his poetics translates into leading the observer to these hidden corners of the imagination. His work with light and shadow effects allows the eye to be distracted by the balloons that seem to stand out from the screen., as if they belonged to other worlds, in a three-dimensional effect. In the narrative, The balloons appear one by one, screen by screen, colorful, painted with paint or fabric. Guided by the helm of ancient boats and ships, they pass from the real world, monochrome, to the imaginary, full of birds, of fish, of butterflies and colored stones; with slowly moving rainbow bridges, swaying with the light breeze that comes and goes.

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Six works by the artist will be on display at the Felícia Leirner Museum, in Campos do Jordao, from 13 to 27 January 2024, to lead the observer's gaze to these imaginary worlds, through a story. The Museum is on Av. Dr. Luis Arrobas Martins, 1880, in Alto da Boa Vista, in the beautiful city of Campos do Jordão, in the state of Sao Paulo.


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On 13, Opening of the show, to 11 am, the artist invites everyone to participate in a Drawing workshop, to stimulate creativity and walks through the imagination. And there is no shortage of inspiration at the Felícia Leirner Museum. The venue hosts music festivals, exhibition permanent collection of sculptures and is surrounded by all the nature of Campos do Jordão. Culture and Art thank you.


  • MATHEW, Vinícius. Book of Sonnets. São Paulo: CLA. Das Letras, 2006.

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