Christmas from a distance: how to decorate your home for a live with the family?

December is coming and along with it comes Christmas that, This year, will be different from everyone else and for those who will be away from the family, celebrating with the help of lives can be a great option; Studio M architects&Architecture gives decoration tips

São Paulo, December 2020 – Christmas is coming and the celebrations will not happen in the same way as every year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, on Monday, day 23 November, the World Health Organization (OMS) recommended that families still do not hold family gatherings to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays. The reason for this request can be understood according to data released by the Ministry of Health, that point out that Brazil reached more than 6 million cases of covid-19 infection. Many people will have to reinvent how to spend Christmas, and one of the options can be to spend the festivity with the family through a live.


To make this experience light and relaxed, even with the family at a distance, the main option is to decorate the house in a Christmas way. For Studio M architects&The Architecture, Camila Marinho and Renata Assarito, office with more than 6 thousand followers no Instagram, this is a good idea for people who are far away and cannot travel if they feel welcomed on this date. “Thankfully, we have technology to our advantage. Making lives at Christmas can be an opportunity to be present even when you're away. So, it's really cool to think of a little corner that could be the setting for this live. It can be a cozy corner in the fireplace, decorated pillows on the sofa, a table set with candles for dinner and also the famous flasher in different colors ”, suggests Renata Assarito.

Do it yourself

Because of the pandemic, people started taking advantage of the easier decoration options and adhered to the Do It Yourself motto. In this style, there are several ideas that can be used to make Christmas even better. “Taking advantage that this Christmas will be different, why not think about a different christmas tree too? A great decoration option is to create a wall tree, with branches and foliage, decorating with family photos. It's an easy way to do and still bring those who can't be there for the special night. In addition, for those who like to bet on colors, maybe it's time to dare a little. Green and red are the reference colors for Christmas, so maybe this year it’s cool to bet on rose gold, for example ", suggests architect Camila Marinho.

Don't bet on big changes: enjoy what you already have

For those who still think there is time to make big changes in the house to decorate everything for Christmas it is better to get this idea out of their head. The main tip is to take advantage of everything you have saved from previous years and abuse Do It Yourself. “This time of year, no more time for major changes and reforms. But of course everyone wants a production to make the home more comfortable and cozy, with the Christmas spirit. So, the tip is to bet on new carpets, pillows, curtains, Wallpaper, flower arrangements and even decoration for set table. The most interesting thing is to leave the conventional. It can be innovating with a different tree or creating arrangements with cups and candles. The important thing is to leave the house with your face to enjoy with the family even from afar ”, concludes Assarito.

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