Women for Women Exhibition – Galeria Estação, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

I want, to compose my chaste monologues,
Lie down next to the sky, the sets of astrologers
And close enough to hear him cismarento Bell
The solemn songs, taken by the wind.
Folded hands on Chin, I from the top of the mansard roof,
I view the workshop on Brown time:
City towers and chimneys or masts,
Big skies making dream eternity.
(BAUDELAIRE, 2006, p.95)


Art is like a breath of inspiration for the spirit. It may have been built so that the soul could travel through unfathomable paths, so that the mind slowly wanders over full and empty spaces, but, especially so that the observer allows the dream to permeate his day, your moment. It is from then on that the spirit becomes light, making your life lighter.

Leading the gaze to wander through thoughts and emotions, the Station Gallery, twenty years working in the Art, begins programming 2024 with a beautiful exhibition that opens on the day 22 February. Created by collector Vilma Eid, the collective Mulheres por Mulheres is for the gallerist and curator herself

“a tribute to women artists with whom I have been working, promoting and that are part of our history and for which I have great admiration”.

Vilma selected 47 works – including canvases and sculptures – by eight women: the Gaucho Conceição dos Bugres (1914-1984); Elza de Oliveira Sousa from Pernambuco (1928-2006); Minas Gerais Izabel Mendes da Cunha (1924-2014) Maria Auxiliadora Silva (1935-1974) andNoemisa Batista dos Santos (only living artist from the collective); the Bahian Madalena dos Santos Reinbold (1919-1977); Mirian Inêz da Silva Cerqueira from Goiás (1938-1996); and São Paulo native Zica Bérgami, (1913-2011). In addition to the works of these artists, Canvases by painter Yara Dewachter that portray the honorees will also form part of the exhibition in an enriching visual dialogue with their legacy.

According to Vilma, the lives of these women were marked by a lot of creativity and stories, most moving. Of your relationship with some of them, the gallery owner tells: “I personally met Ms. Izabel, Noemisa and Zica. The first two on a trip I took in February 2010 to the Jequitinhonha Valley. With both of them I experienced moments of great emotion and contact with a very rich reality., with surprising and very personal dialogues”. About Zica, whose original name is Maria Elisa Campiotti Bérgami, she remembers receiving his visit shortly after opening the Station. “It was a delightful meeting. She was already in the 90 years old and very happy. In addition to being a designer, was a composer, having created the famous song Gas Lamp. Regarding Conceição dos Bugres, Isabel, Mary Help of Christians and Mirian, I held solo exhibitions when they were not yet known to the general public”, scores.

To write about this collective, Vilma invited three women: Galciani Nair, Professor of Visual Arts at the Federal University of Ceará and the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation, in São Paulo; Lilia Schwartz, historian, anthropologist and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences, University of São Paulo; e Lorraine Mendes, artist, researcher and currently curator at the Pinacoteca do Estado São Paulo. “In addition to these three scholars, I also invited the artist Yara Dewachter, whose research and work speak of female artists. In one of his exhibitions I acquired portraits of Izabel and Zica. It was then that, when thinking aboutWomen for Women, I invited her to portray our eight artists”, explains to gallery owner.

It is worth highlighting the importance of the works of these artists as a reference for Brazilian Art. In the figure 1, work made in wood, with beeswax, seems to speak to modernity. Modernity is also present in the image of the animals in Figure 2 that seem alive, in full motion. The joy of life on the move is present in the work of Mirian Inês (Fig. 3) with the innocent and light joke. Colorful, the work even portrays the clothes of a period. In monochromatic tones, made with pen and ink, Zica's work reflects everyday life in a neighborhood, in a city, such a common scene from the 1990s 80. The traces of Naïve Art are present in the three works, with samples of a simple daily life from a time that is gone. “Mulheres por Mulheres” remains on display at Galeria Estação until 16 March.

About Galeria Estação

With a collection among the pioneers and most important in the country, the Station Gallery, inaugurated not end of 2004 by Vilma Eid and Roberto Eid Philipp, established itself for revealing and promoting the production of non-erudite Brazilian art.

His performance was decisive for the inclusion of this language in the contemporary artistic circuit by editing publications and holding individual and collective exhibitions under the eyes of the country's main curators and critics..

The cast, which began to occupy space in the specialized media, has also been conquering the international scene by participating, among others, of the exhibitionsHistory of Seeing, na Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, in France, in 2012, and the BiennaleBetween Two Seas – São Paulo | Valencia, in Spain, in 2007.

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Emblematic of this international performance was the individual exhibition ofCame – Cícero Alves dos Santos, in Venice, parallel to the Arts Biennial, in 2013.

In Brazil, in addition to individuals and being part of prestigious collectives, The gallery's artists have their works in the collections of important collectors and institutions of great prestige and recognition, such as the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, the São Paulo Museum of Art, the Afro Brazil Museum (SP), the Pavilion of Brazilian Cultures (SP), the Itaú Cultural Institute (SP), SESC São Paulo, about MOM- Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art and the MAR, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

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With 47 works, the shows, which is playing until 16 March, is a tribute to the legacy of Conceição dos Bugres, Elza de Oliveira Souza, Izabel Mendes da Cunha, Maria Auxiliadora Silva, Madalena dos Santos Reinbold, Mirian Inêz da Silva Cerqueira, Zica Bérgami and Noemisa Batista dos Santos. In addition to this collected collection, all artists were portrayed by artist Yara Dewachter, whose screens are part of the exhibition.

Women for Women

When: 22/2 to 16/3
Where: Station Gallery
Address: Rua Ferreira Araújo, 625 – Pine trees, São Paulo

Opening: 22/2 (Thursday),from 18h to 21h
Gallery opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 7:00 pm; Saturdays, from 11:00 to 3:00 pm; does not open on Sundays

Tel: 11 3813-7253
E-mail: contato@galeriaestacao.com.br

WebSite: www.galeriaestacao.com.br
Instagram: @galeriaestacao


  • BAUDELAIRE, Charles. As Flores do Mal. São Paulo: Editora Martin Claret, 2006.

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