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[dropcap]The [/dropcap] Facebook is a social network, a social networking site, with thousands of people looking at it every day, if só ele, is the generator of the visit of its members, because people come to see what's new, personal interests, know news both people close, people as far away. There is a strong emotional bond involving psychological and Facebook users. Here's the secret to dissemination of works of art by artists. Browse by the mainstream, publish to thousands, participating in the same platform, without the need to seek public as is the case of personal website with your own domain.

Owning a website is very important, but as previously mentioned, have disclosure is much better! Many artists have difficulties with their personal sites. Few hits, little content, often little knowledge of managing a site, among others.

Now it is time for the Works of Art Project on Facebook to have a website. We have a number of interesting followers, that if properly stimulated will be attracted to our site. A structured site, with clean interface, forward with the times, front of an increasingly globalized world.

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