Artificial plants: how to use it in your decoration?

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]Have you ever wanted to make your home look more natural, but I didn't know how? The artificial plants can be of great help in this task.

If before they were considered tacky and tacky decorative items, today the scenario has totally changed. Not only can they be included in various rooms in the house, how they still value these places.

In fact, currently the quality of artificial plants may surprise: made with extremely realistic materials and similar to natural species, it is possible to purchase beautiful and charming specimens.

In fact, the benefits of this type of item are several, and precisely for that reason they become more and more interesting. Or use of decorative synthetic grass, for example, has functions such as reducing impacts in some environments and replacing a natural lawn.

This is important because, if the grass is present in a sports field, certainly the maintenance costs of this floor become high, so that the synthetic or artificial option becomes indispensable.


In the same way, if you want to decorate your home and want to use artificial plants, one of the most immediate advantages of these articles is the absence of the need for specific maintenance, which can often be daily.

Remember that each type of species requires different care, so that knowing which ones are each can be a challenge for managing the routine of your home.

In addition, it is important to highlight the durability of this material. When natural plants fail to receive the indicated fertilizer, the ideal amount of water and other details relevant to the conservation of the species, they may end up dying.

This problem no longer occurs with artificial, what makes them present in your home decor for a long time, beautifying the entire space.

If you are convinced that your home decor can be much better with the use of artificial plants, so read on and read some interesting tips to make your home look more natural.

Decoration tips with artificial plants

Whoever thinks of acquiring a mesa Saarinen Oval to compose the scenery of the living room also imagine what will be the decorative object that will be positioned on top of it, Is not it? A beautiful pot with an artificial plant can be a great option.

So that the rooms of your home can receive in a beautiful and elegant way the use of this decorative item, it’s important to take into account some simple suggestions that can make all the difference:

  • Choose a type whose size suits the environment;
  • Merging natural and artificial species;
  • Acquire good vases;
  • Opt for colorful models for more sober rooms.

01 – Choose plants that suit the size of the environment

Anyone who thinks that artificial plants are one size or unnatural is very wrong. Today it is possible to find the most varied types of species produced in artificial versions, with different lengths.

Thus, if you have always been a fan of plants with great extension, choosing artificial options can be interesting, but you need to consider the space available in the room for them, as well as if the model will harmonize within the environment.

In smaller rooms, smaller arrangements are recommended, and in larger spaces, it is possible to position a vessel with a more bulky and tall species.

The important thing is to create a balanced environment, where plants integrate the scenery in a pleasant and attractive way, whether within a contemporary landscaping or a classic.

02 – Set up arrangements with natural and artificial species

An arrangement designed for the bedrooms of your home or for the dining room need not be composed exclusively of an artificial plant.

If you want to assemble a very realistic vase, the tip is to mix natural and artificial species, so that one complements the other and offers an interesting and differentiated result.

In addition to making the space more beautiful, certainly the union of these two elements will help in creating a natural and beautiful arrangement.

03 – Get good vases

Just like choosing a brick wallpaper can make all the difference when decorating your room, a beautiful vase will enhance an arrangement made with artificial flowers.

Simpler models are very suitable for those who want to grow some types of plants or spices, and can be used outside the house, in the garden or yard.

When it comes to decorating the house, the vessel options are several. Therefore, choosing a model that can highlight your artificial plant can be an interesting way to harmonize your home environments.

04 – Choose colorful options

In buildings where rooms are decorated with more sober tones, it is interesting to apply different colors to articles and objects present in the environment, so as to break the serious climate of space.

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Just like a rustic curtain fabric can give a more cheerful touch to the characteristics of the room, the most colorful artificial flowers are responsible for beautifying the ambienceat the same time that they give a touch of naturalness.

In this sense, be sure to choose colors and versions that can give more life to your rooms, valuing the space with greater beauty and charm.

With these tips, you can create unique environments in your home, where you can enjoy pleasant and cozy places on a daily basis, thanks to the presence of the flowers chosen by you.

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Decorative trends with artificial plants

In the same way as a prestressed hollow core slab is a trend within the civil construction segment, artificial plants are increasingly conquering their space within the decorative sector as an economical and interesting possibility.

That's because they can harmonize perfectly with the most diverse types of environments, besides being charming possibilities to be inserted in the decoration of the living rooms, dorms, Kitchens, bathrooms, balconies with glass balconies, etc.

Artificial plants and vertical garden

It is increasingly common for property owners to make good use of the space available in their apartment or home, especially when they are small.

Not for nothing, a trend seen in many types of homes is the installation of a vertical garden, where the plant pots are supported on a structure fixed on the wall.

It can be installed in any environment, but gain special prominence in the kitchen, especially when investing in the cultivation of spices and some types of vegetables.

But precisely because it is also a decorative element, the vertical garden can be set up with artificial plants, either in a version mixed with natural ones, whether just to beautify the space.

Therefore, an interesting idea for those who want to have more beautiful and improved areas with the use of plants, is to build your vertical garden with artificial options that simulate a small garden in your home.

Decoration in commercial establishments

The use of artificial plants is not recommended only for domestic environments. Even commercial establishments can make their spaces look different with the application of this feature.

They can be used in glass railing for balcony your home in the same way that they can be part of the reception of a hair salon or doctor's office, just like in a restaurant or a women's clothing store.

For places with a large flow of customers, like in hotels, this becomes an even necessary option. After all, managing the entire space is already an exhausting demand, and making sure you have beautiful arrangements distributed throughout the environments brings more tranquility.

In fact, any type of establishment that values ​​a natural and well-decorated environment, aiming to provide a more pleasant place for your audience, can use this type of decorative article, that will positively impact your customers.

Final Considerations

Decorating the home well is essential for those who make a point of enhancing the property at the same time that they want to enjoy a more pleasant and cozy climate.

Even though artificial plants have been left aside for a while, today the resources used in the manufacture of these elements is greatly improved, giving an appearance identical to the natural.

That's precisely why, they have become a resource sought by many people, since they provide daily care, they are affordable and can be combined perfectly with natural species.

In this way, more than a detail in your decoration, artificial plants can compose beautiful and elegant scenery, and the wide variety of options offered in stores in the sector win the attention of anyone.

Therefore, be sure to consider using these flowers in your home and enjoy a lighter climate in your home.

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