Cultural hub opens in celebration of “150 Years of Italian Immigration in Brazil”

The Consulate General of Italy in Rio de Janeiro, the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio and the IED (European Institute of Design), came together in support of the creation of the “Polo Cultural ItalianoRio – art, design and innovation”, which opens to the public on the day 22 February, in the week in which National Italian Immigrant Day is celebrated in Brazil.


Entirely revitalized, the new cultural hub will function as a showcase, reverberating the dialogue between Italy and Brazil in several instances.

Located in the Casa d’Italia building, in the heart of downtown Rio (close to Cinelândia and Santos Dumont airport), the space with lounge and mezzanine totals almost 500m² and was designed to house art exhibitions, fashion and design, in addition to gastronomy events, technology and inovation.


Courses will also be offered, seminars, lecture cycles and other programs.

With the aim of strengthening and establishing cultural and scientific ties, partnerships are planned with the collaboration of other institutions.

Opening the annual agenda of temporary exhibitions, the show " 1874-2024: 150 years of friendship and connection between Italy and Brazil, together towards the future” will present a panel of 42 m ², graffitied by artist Bruno Big, portraying the arrival of immigrants and their relevant performance in coffee cultivation, in addition to videos and thematic panels about its influence on the socio-cultural formation of Rio and Brazilian society.


On the mezzanine, “Of Architecture” will be inaugurated – Italian presence in Rio’s landscape”, with about of 40 images of masters of architecture, captured by Aristides Corrêa Dutra.

There will be, yet, the exhibition of the new official logo for the 150th Anniversary of Italian Immigration in Brazil, selected through a competition among students from Italian schools in Brazil, launched by the Italian Embassy in Brasília.

The initiative was publicized in Italian parity schools in Brazil and the project by Joshua Azze Distel was selected as the winner, from 17 years, 4th year student at the Scientific Lyceum of the “Fondazione Torino”.

The logo represents a ship, the means of transport used by millions of immigrants who, with courage and a spirit of adventure, they embarked on long ocean crossings towards the “new world”, in search of better living conditions.

In a game of fittings formed by minimalist lines, the number “150” is inserted into the ship’s drawing: or “zero” represents, at the same time, the number is a semicircle, like a horizon, a common sky, composed of the colors of the flags of the two countries, symbolizes the historical and cultural connection between them.

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About the exhibition “Dell’Architettura – Italian presence in Rio’s landscape”

Ricardo Buffa, Luigi Fossati, Raffaele Rebecchi, Antonio Virzi, Mario Vodret and Antonio Jannuzzi are among the great names in Italian architecture who left their legacy in the city of Rio de Janeiro and who are part of “Dell’Architettura – Italian presence in Rio’s landscape”.

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Records of architectural gems from different eras, made in black and white by the photographer, professor and visual artist Aristides Corrêa Dutra, were selected for this exhibition, which is held by the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio and can be visited until 26 April.

Aristides also signs the curation and texts of the photographs, standing out among them: the Lage Building (1924–1925), in glory; the Seabra Building (1931), at Flamengo Beach; the United Building (1937), at the Center; Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital (1910–1914), in Cascadura; the Main Church of São Geraldo (1931), in Olaria; to Torre da Antiga Sé (1905–1913), at the Center; in Vila Maurina (1915), Botafogo; at home Villino Silveira (1915), in glory.

About Aristides Corrêa Dutra

Photographer, visual artist, mestre em Comunicação pela ECO\UFRJ e professor da Universidade Veiga de Almeida.

As a photographer and observer of architecture, held, along 2016, the “Conversation” exhibitions, in Ruins Park, “From mercy to justice”, at the Justice Museum of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and “Logos”, at the Manguinhos Library.


“Italian Cultural CenterRio – art, design and innovation”

Opening to the public: day 22 February 2024
Visit to the exhibition “Dell’Architettura – Italian presence in Rio’s landscape”: even day 26 April 2024

Sponsorship: Zona Sul, Ternium, TEAM Brazil, Illy Café, ITA Airways and Ferrari Trento

Operation: from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Local: House of Italy
Address: Av. Pres. Antônio Carlos, 40 – Center, Rio de Janeiro

Free entry

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