Camerata promotes in-person concerts for the second semester

Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba, Ride. Photo: Daniel Castilian.

Scheduled until December, the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba disseminates agenda of face-to-face concerts of the second semester of 2021. There will be ten concerts - between performances by the orchestra, of the choir and the complete formation of the Camerata. The premiere will be at Capela Santa Maria with the City of Curitiba Chamber Orchestra, This Saturday (28/9) and … Read more

In the week of children Villa-Lobos unites dance and drama to the sound of Camerata Antiqua

To celebrate Children's Day, more than 50 dance artists, music and theater come together in the Teatro Positivo stage, day 12 October, for Villa-Lobos concert for Children. The show teaches about the world of classical music from the story of the boy Tuhu, the little Heitor Villa-Lobos that, no world … Read more

Camerata celebrates with display Dixit Dominus on TV and recording the first DVD

Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba A is celebrating this weekend. The group celebrates 45th anniversary with performances in the Chapel Santa Maria, Friday (5/7) it is Saturday (6/7), and a large free concert at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, on Sunday (7/7), live broadcast by TV Evangelizing. A obra The Lord, … Read more

the Camerata Antiqua Choir dedicated sacred pieces from Mozart to Mother's Day

The Curitiba's Camerata Antiqua Choir dedicated to mothers the concert will Friday (10/5), at 8:0 pm, it is Saturday (11/5), às 18h30, in the chapel Santa Maria Cultural Space. Intitulado child prodigy Mozart (Mozart, the ingenious child), the show features four pieces of Austrian composer that is exalted figure of the Virgin Mary. The … Read more

Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba celebrates the Month of Black Consciousness

In celebration of the Month of Black Consciousness, Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba do concerts in honor of 100 years of Nelson Mandela. With the baton of American conductor Keith McCutchen works from various periods will be executed, the spiritual genre. The presentations that take place on Friday (23/11) it is Saturday (24/11), in the chapel Santa Maria, contam ainda com a participaçãoRead more

Feeding with music: children discover the sounds of an orchestra

This week begins the program with Feeding Music Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba. There will be two daily performances for children from public schools, associations and members of the set design, musicalization, reaching about 1.800 curitibinhas and 43 institutions. The didactic concerts, structured scenic and educational way, acontecem na Capela Santa Maria de terça-feira (2/10) … Read more

Camerata starts the second half with two presentations in churches

Two presentations in Curitiba churches open programming the second half of the Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba. This Tuesday (31/7), the Chamber Orchestra of the City of Curitiba is presented in the parish of Our Lady of Luz dos Pinhais, and on Thursday (2/8), it is the turn of the Camerata Choir at St. Peter Parish, on the neighborhood … Read more

Cascavel and Foz receive Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba

After the presentations at the Sala São Paulo, the main country's concert hall, and in the state saw, in Campos do Jordao Festival, Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba continues its journey into the Paraná. The tour by the Paraná west passes through two cities and also leads presented works in São Paulo. Os concertos acontecemRead more

In São Paulo, Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba displays “Motetos Bach”

With the regent Luis Otavio Santos and accompanied by soloists, the Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba run “Motetos Bach ", in the Campos do Jordao Festival performances. At Sala São Paulo, most renowned space Brazil, The concert takes place on Thursday (12/7) and on Friday (13/7), the Claudio Santoro Auditorium, in Campos do Jordao. Essa turnêRead more

Curitiba City Chamber Orchestra opens season

The Chamber Orchestra of the City of Curitiba prepares the first concert of the year in the season 2018 the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba. 'Between Italy and Germany Baroque' is the theme of the presentation that takes place this Friday (6/4) at 8:00 pm and Saturday(7/4) às 18h30, in the chapel Santa Maria Cultural Space. Com direção musicalRead more