Sculpture: Michelangelo, Master of the Renaissance

Michelangelo's Influence on the World of Sculpture. Pieta by Michelangelo. Photo:

In the art of sculpture, Michelangelo is at the center of this artistic panorama, being a monumental figure in the history of Renaissance art and sculpture. Throughout history, sculpture has been a powerful means of human expression, capturing the essence of life and emotion in three-dimensional forms. Michelangelo's genius and technical mastery … Read more

10 Famous Works of Art that Changed the History of Humanity

10 Famous Works of Art that Changed the History of Humanity. PARIS, FRANCE - 12 March 2018: Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum without tourists. Photo:

Highlighting the famous works of art that shaped history is more than mere aesthetic analysis; It is an immersion in the essence of humanity, captured in color, shapes and textures. Since the beginnings of civilization, art has been a mirror of the human soul, reflecting your beliefs, values ​​and aspirations. Desde pinturas rupestres nasRead more