TEATRO SECALHAR launches free e-book on theater creation

The theater group TEATRO SECALHAR will launch the free e-book “lepAp: creation stories”. the focus of book is in the process of creating “lepAp”, the company's first theatrical work, built entirely with the composition technique Operative Mode AND, by anthropologist and performer Fernanda Eugenio. since its debut, in november of 2018, the show has already been presented several times in shows and festivals in the states of Paraná, Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. Merging theoretical discussions with creation accounts, questions about collective creation and the use of the composition technique Operative Mode AND in the performing arts are discussed..


The launch of the e-book will be carried out through a live on TEATRO SECALHAR's YouTube channel on the day 15 June 2022 at 18h (Brasilia time), and will be attended by Fernanda Eugenio and authors(the) of the book. The texts will also be made available in audiobook format on podcast platforms..

The project was carried out with resources from the Culture Support and Incentive Program – Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and the City Hall of Curitiba.

group's youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCOkZ7vHpOwtqS6vdvIbVkFQ

group instagram: www.instagram.com/teatrosecalhar


Texts: Francisco Gaspar, Jade Giaxa, Karina Rozek, Milena Plahtyn, milene duenha, Rafael Rodrigues and Vinicius Medeiros

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Production: Fernanda Peyerl

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Diagramming and graphic design: Karina Rozek

Illustration.: Rafael Rodrigues

layer painting: Gustavo Magalhães

Text review: Luana Zacharias Karam


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