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FOCA – Carioca Development Program


The Actor's Institute will perform three free shows from the day 8 June in Rio de Janeiro. There will be more than ten performances of the pieces “Nyogolon”, “Susuarana” and “Sacrifice”, by director Jonyjarp Pontes, between June and July. The shows are part of Lapa Mundi Shows Guests and will be held at the Institute's headquarters, in Lapa, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. The cultural project Lapa Mundi - 30 Studio Stanislavski years was designed to maintain the Studio Stanislavski, experimental theater company from Rio de Janeiro that this year is completing 30 years of operation.


The first play to debut – on 8 June at 20h – is the "Nyogolon", by the Artisan Theater group, with seven actors on stage. “Nyogolon” ​​can also be watched on 11 and 12 of June, at 19h. The word that gives the show its title is of African origin and means “to know us”.. It is the equivalent of what several countries in the world call theater and refers to a place of exchange and openness., always within the scope of the meeting. The proposal of the play is to make a rescue of archaic theater, alive and that represents art in its deepest meaning. “Nyogolon represents a great meeting, a place where real people with body and soul present meet to share life and part of their stories. It's more than a piece, is a vehicle to enable this encounter, think about our origins and reconnect to our ancestry”, says director Jonyjarp Pontes.

“Puma”, by Cia Luar, makes its first presentations at this show in the days 15 and 22, at 8:0 pm, and then in the days 18, 19, 25 and 26, of June, to 19 h, with two actors in the cast. With the cangaço as a background, inspired by the life story of one of the bravest and most controversial women in the Northeast, “Susuarana” portrays the daily life of a couple of cangaceiros. In the memories of a lady full of emotional charges, the play shows scenes of fights in the cangaço, of submission and suffering, denouncing violence against women. The work takes place to the sound of traditional northeastern songs, live, lit by candlelight, allowing the viewer a journey of 45 minutes through the scenes of the Brazilian hinterland.

The third play by director Jonyjarp Pontes is “Sacrifice”, with three actors on stage, premiere at this show on the first of July, at 8:0 pm, at the headquarters of the Instituto do Actor. Then it performs two more presentations on the 11 and 12 July, at 19h. “Sacrifice” talks about three lives, crossed by existential doubt, that focus on the vast and archaic fundamental question of the human being: who we are and why we exist? The search for answers was based on the texts of Shakespeare and Dostoevsky and the play is an amalgamation of great stories. The work was conceived during the pandemic, when social isolation brought existential reflections to actors. Immersed in the words of William Shakespeare and Fyodor Dostoevsky, the actors were inspired in the construction of the texts with their personal experiences and in the accounts of sacrifices that people make to maintain fidelity to their own destiny.

The project Lapa Mundi – Guest Show is being carried out through the public notice FOCA – Carioca Development Program, from the Secretary of Culture of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The LAPA MUNDI project – 30 Studio Stanislavski years, as well as all its segments – SHOWER SHOW, LAPA NA TELA, GRUPÃO GROTOWSKI and OFICINAS – targets residents of the Lapa neighborhood and surrounding areas, artists in training, researchers in the humanities and artists interested in the work of Constantin Stanislavski and Jerzy Grotowski. The project will also hold special editions of the weekly study group GROTOWSKI GROUP, during 6 months, online, open and free, on the Google Meet platform. The study group takes place since 2009, all Thursdays, to 20:30h. It will be a series of basic meetings to study the journey of Jerzy Grotowski, to Studio's YouTube channel, with subtitles, serving hearing-impaired spectators.

at the headquarters of Actor's Institute, LAPA À MOSTRA will also be held, with 3 months of presentations of the Studio's shows: Bergman Planetarium Bar, Matrioshka Polifônica and Sofia and Her Twelve Analysts. Performances will take place from Friday to Sunday., totaling 12 presentations of each piece. The direction of the shows, as well as from Actor's Institute, is signed by Celina Sodré (overall coordination, director and speaker of the Grotowski Group). Celina Sodré has been a theater director since 1983 and conducts Studio Stanislavski, company created in 91.

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Sodré was nominated for the SHELL Award in three editions, and, won the QUESTION OF CRITICISM Award in 2013 for the creation of the Grotowski Group. Since 2008 is the coordinator of the Instituto do Ator which is an informal specialization school for actors in Rio de Janeiro. From 1995 to 2015 was a professor of interpretation at CAL – Laranjeiras House of Arts. In the academic field, he completed his master's degree at University of London with dissertation on Shakespeare on Film: The Second Original, and, the doctorate in UNIRIO with the thesis: Jerzy Grotowski: artisan of meta-daily human behaviors. The director specializes in Stanislavski's psychophysical actions and in Jerzy Grotowski's trajectory.. In 2019 was nominated for the CESGRANRIO Award in the Special category for 10 years of the Actor's Institute. He is currently, also, teacher UFF – Fluminense Federal University, Graduate and Postgraduate and works as a Psychoanalyst.

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list: Aryelle Cristiane, Junior Capelloni, Karla Muniz Ribeiro, Layra Guimarães, Matheus Marins, Pamella Almeida and Romulo Muralha
8/6 – 20h
11 and 12/6 – 19h

list: Renata Leite and Jack Santoro
15 and 22/6 – 20h
18, 18, 25 and 26/6 – 19h

list: Clara Hermandes, Layra Guimarães and Marcos David Silva
1/7 – 20h
2 and 3/7 – 19h

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