TEATRO SECALHAR launches free e-book on theater creation

Photography Beatriz Fidalgo, Blue Beetle Photography.

The theater group TEATRO SECALHAR will launch the free e-book “lepAp: creation stories”. The focus of the book is on the process of creating “lepAp”, the company's first theatrical work, built entirely with the composition technique Operative Mode AND, by anthropologist and performer Fernanda Eugenio. since its debut, in november of … Read more

Portuguese archaeologist warns in her book that one of the oldest human settlements in the world will disappear

Hasankeyf. Photo: Café Central / MF Global Press.

Portuguese archeologist and historian, Joana Freitas, has a book published in a Brazilian publisher for more than 12.000 years, the river Tigris sustains the people of Hasankeyf, which is considered one of the oldest known human settlements. Now time is running out for the ancient city, which is about to be submerged by the waters of the reservoir … Read more


DIAS DE RECLUSÃO PROJECT - Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Dias de Reclusão” Project, Flyer, featured. Disclosure.

Children producing Collective Culture of Arts and Anthology of the “Days of Solitude” Project When I met a person who seemed a little lucid to me, I did with her the experience of my number drawing 1, that I've always kept with me. I was wondering if she was truly understanding. But I always answered "It's a hat". So I don't … Read more

PROJECT DAYS OF RECLUSION – Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Days of Solitude” Project by Rosângela Vig

DIAS DE RECLUSÃO PROJECT - Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Dias de Reclusão” Project, Flyer. Disclosure.

Time is unspeakable. Say, What is the direction of the calendar? The leaves fall and the tree remains, Against the uncertain and various wind. Life is indivisible. Even the one that is thought to be most dispersed And belongs to an eternal dialogue The most inconsequential conversation. All poems are the same poem, All drunks are … Read more

Edmundo Cavalcanti launches his first poetry e-book

E-book: & quot; Essence of my Soul & quot;, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Plastic artist and arts columnist launches his first poetry e-book O paulistano Edmundo Cavalcanti, father of two, art lover and propeller of talented plastic artists just launched his first poetry e-book. This artistic side has long been dormant, now resumes to retired business administrator by profession. Mainly stimulated … Read more

Fabiano de Abreu launches book that says that anyone can be famous

“How to become a celebrity” is the new book by Fabiano de Abreu. The book reveals the secrets of how to become famous publicist that soared over 500 people to fame. In just five years, the press officer, filósofo e psicanalista Fabiano de Abreu alcançou a façanha de se tornar oRead more

Entrepreneurs launch book that explains how to achieve success through the power of networking

They do all born with the same chance to shine? And the formula for success, does it really exist? Some experts believe that yes and recent studies have answered yes to the first two questions and that it is closely linked to the persistence, but also much of its ability to relate to others. To … Read more