Decorated ceiling: see some ways to do it at home

Maybe you don't know, but have one decorated ceiling makes all the difference in your home. Including, when we talk about real estate decoration, we are faced with infinite options, that range from the color of the paint to the last frame on the wall.


This means that everything needs to be well thought out and chosen, as a floor, furniture, cortina, carpet and even plants. But in addition to these items that make up a room, there is the ceiling, that some people still forget.

Firstly, it is necessary to keep in mind that anywhere in your home deserves attention. Every inch of the spaces make up the place where you will live with your family, then, everything must be considered.

The ceiling is not just used to house your home or separate the lining environments, it can play an important decorative role and contribute to the composition of the whole house.

If you do a quick search on the internet and look at images of decorated ceilings, will understand the importance of thinking about him. Therefore, in this article, let's show the relevance of it to the decoration and give some tips to make it part of it. Check!

The importance of the ceiling for decoration

When we think of a decoration project, many details are taken into account in order to make the property more beautiful.

In the old days, the ceiling gained more attention, but, currently, he is a little forgotten. Yet, when well decorated, becomes a real differentiator, bringing a more modern and sophisticated look.

With the passage of time, habits have changed and so have homes, which changed the way we decorate spaces, including the ceiling.

Nowadays, one lustre living room, for example, makes all the difference. In the old days, the ceiling was exaggeratedly worked to be on the same level as the rest of the room. Only the spaces were also much larger.

Today's architecture delivers smaller and smaller houses and apartments, with the lowest right foot, thus, more attention is needed when decorating the ceiling.

The space has three dimensions, being floor, wall and ceiling, but, not sure why, the ceiling ends up in the background.

The fact is that investing a little more in this component can make all the difference in the decoration and make the home even more beautiful and functional..

In many projects, the ceiling becomes a real protagonist of the decoration, what has made it a trend in recent years.

There are many ways to do this, be it with paint, light trait, plaster, different lighting, among other possibilities.

In addition to making the ceiling more beautiful, can still be thought to combine with other aspects, such as colored burnt cement on the ground.

The secret is to invest in a well-designed project, that ensures harmony with the rest and avoids excessive information.

If you want details made with crown molding, recesses or parts, it is necessary to test the entire composition with the rest, forming, and, a well-crafted space.

Moldings are a good option to decorate and at the same time light the ceiling. But beyond them, there are other options, such as:

  • Wallpaper;
  • Mirror;
  • Ornaments;
  • Stickers.

We’ll talk a little more about this in the next topic, but the goal is to show that there are many options, in fact. In addition, there is not just an environment where you can decorate the ceiling, that is, any room receives this care very well.

For example, in a children's room made with structure prefabricated, you can put a wallpaper and lower it in the direction where the child's bed is.

Na launching, it is possible to use a luminaire, always considering symmetry and alignment, so that it is a well-dosed project.

So that you understand the possibilities of ceiling decoration, in the next topic, let's take some golden tips.

Tips for decorating the ceiling

The roof, as we saw, it is also part of the decoration project, being that there are many ways to value it.

Thinking that way, there are many ideas that can be put into practice. Among the most different and innovative, we can quote:

Limit the ceiling with paint

The ceiling is also an ally when it comes to delimiting the space, mainly in rooms that are not separated by a wall, like the living room and the kitchen.

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Use two different colors that match the decor of the room and paint the ceiling down to the baseboard. To have, in fact, separation of environments, to epoxy paint application must go from ceiling to floor.

So that the work is perfect, the ideal is to have a professional who knows how to make this type of painting. In addition to having a decorated ceiling, the division of spaces is much better.

Use wallpaper

The Wallpaper can be perfectly applied to the ceiling, moreover, with creativity, it can also be used in furniture, to cover niches, among other possibilities.

The paper you are going to use on the ceiling can be the same as the paper you are going to use on the walls, or combined with a color present in the rest of the environment, as in the case of furniture.

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For example, you can use a blue wallpaper with pink accents, matching furniture of the same tone, like sofas and chairs.

Use stickers

Very large ceilings demand more investment in paint or wallpaper, what can make the project more expensive. To spend little and not need to invest in very large renovations, a good tip is to opt for the stickers.

They can be used even if you have made a new one building painting inside the property. Ideally, they contrast with the color of the paint, of course, always matching the decor.

For example, if the ceiling is white, you can use black stickers and even lower them to the walls to give a touch of continuity, and draw the attention of those who walk around the room.

Decorate with wood

The wood is, no doubt, one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to construction, renovation and decoration. It can be used on absolutely everything, floor to ceiling, on doors and windows, on the furniture, stairs, outside area and even on the walls.

It matches any style and brings different proposals for those who want to radically change the decor. For example, with the worn out wood, the environments look more rustic.

As well as the monolithic coating, it can be used on the entire ceiling, combining strong colors like black and red. All this together with more stripped furniture creates a modern space, current and cool.

You can also opt for smooth and uniform wood, on the entire ceiling or just a part of it. If you lower it to the wall, it is possible to delimit spaces, for example, between the living room and the kitchen.

This option is ideal for those who live in smaller properties and want to make the room look a little bigger, abdicating furniture.

Another idea with wood is the exposed beams, that make the environment much more charming and cozy. You can make an all-wood ceiling with exposed beams or even a plaster beam ceiling in light tones.

However, you can use them in dark tones too, in this case, the intention is to decorate them for your decoration.

Use plaster

The plaster ceiling is a classic of projects complementary architecture, so much that for sure you have seen him in many places.

This material gives a fine finish and can even be combined with a good lighting design.

Colored coatings

Another option to decorate your ceiling is to use colored coverings. It is possible to find many materials for this purpose, like PVC.

To further characterize the environment, it is possible to find colored coatings. Thus, you can use a more cheerful one for the children's room and a more neutral one for the living room, for example.

Use ink

Finally, you can also opt for a simpler and more practical decoration, but that will go perfectly well with stainless steel wall covering and other trends.

Painting the ceiling with a different color from the wall can change the whole aspect of the room and make it even more beautiful. The tip is not to mix too many colors and try to combine them with each other.


The ceiling is important in your decor, just like the walls, the floor and the furniture. If well decorated, helps to beautify the environment and make it much more comfortable.

In this article, you understood the importance of it to the decor and how you can do it to increase it. With the tips we gave here, we are sure that your ceiling will be charming.

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