Last week of registration for the 10th Prix Photo Aliança Francesa

Last week for the registration of the “Prix Photo Aliança Francesa”, which celebrates a decade of achievements.

Under the theme “Reflexes”, the important national photography contest of the French Alliance offers first place a trip to Paris with the right to accompany, in addition to a group exhibition with the top three at the Galeria da Aliança Francesa Botafogo.

Registration until Saturday, day 10 April 2021, through the site:

Considered the largest cultural NGO on the planet with collaborative culture DNA, the French Alliance completed 135 years of presence in Brazil in 2020 and beyond language teaching, offers a rich range of cultural activities, as Prix ​​Photo Alliance Française, national photography contest in its 10th edition. So far participating in the contest 320 registered participants. Those interested in participating even have the next Saturday, day 10 April, at 23:59 (twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes) Brasilia time, to sign up through the website:


After filling in the registration form online, participants must also send via website, through “upload”, the series with the 10 color or black and white photographs, under the theme "reflections”, proposed in this edition and illustrated by a photograph from the series “Land of water " photographer Benoît Fournier, winner of the edition of 2013. Images can be manipulated or not, in a maximum size of 2mb and in JPG format and obtained through analog equipment (any format camera, pinhole or other technique) or digital.

The Prix ​​Photo Alliance Française is open to professional and amateur photographers, and seeks to value original artistic proposals, experimental, are abstract or documentary, and that can offer a different perspective on the current themes proposed by the contest and that represent an echo of the great issues of our time.

The reflection is found in the bases of photography, since its invention in the 19th century: in the first experiments, to produce a photo it was necessary to capture the reflection of light under a surface. Despite the many changes of this device until the emergence of digital cameras and smartphones, photography continues to be made of reflections: reflexes of new experiences and subjectivities, reflections of a society transformed by technologies, reflections of new artistic practices and their infinite possibilities. Even in this moment of world crisis, photography remains one of the main tools to portray and denounce the effects of the pandemic on human relations. In this tenth edition of the Prix Photo Aliança Francesa, the Reflexes theme proposes a reinterpretation of the essence of photography in the face of the transformations of the contemporary world and the current challenges.

Conducted by the French Alliance of Brazil network, in partnership with Air France and the Hotel Santa Teresa, the Prix ​​Photo Alliance Française will reward 1st place with a companion trip to Paris with Air France tickets. The 2nd place receives a weekend for two at the Santa Teresa Hotel RJ MGallery and the winner of the popular jury award wins a semester scholarship at the French Alliance. The contest has cultural support from the Photo Rio, one of the most important photography festivals in South America, of the Festival PhotoClimat, of french magazine Halide, the French network of exhibition venues Network Diagonal.

The jury will be part of Benoit Capponi, photographer, founder and board member of French Magazine Halide, focused on analog photography and experimental processes; Erika Negrel, general secretary of Diagonal Network, network that brings together exhibition locations, photographic practice and production in France; to photographer Erika Tambke, integrating the FotoRio coordination team 2020 and coordinates the Visual Occupation / FotoRio Week since 2019; Eugenio Savio – photography teacher and photojournalism, photographer in the editorial area and organizer Tiradentes Photography Festival; João Kulcsar – professor, author and curator of photographic exhibitions; Marina Alves – photographer and social scientist, photography teacher and member of the organizing committee of the Women FotoRio Festival 2018; and Nicolas Henry, renowned French photographer who has exhibited at Galeria AF in 2019 and organizer of the PhotoClimat festival.


In 2019 under the theme Borders, the contest received more than 200 portfolios of registered participants. The winner of the official jury edition 2019 was from Ceará, Osmar Gonçalves dos Reis Filho (Fortress, EC) with the series "Survival of the Fireflies", awarded trip to Paris with companion. The second was placed Rio Kitty Paranaguá with the series "Present tense". The jury prize was awarded to Giuliana Mota Mosque (Nova Friburgo, RJ), the test "Look Border". In addition to the two finishers, The assay is highlighted "Favelicidade", Luiz Baltar (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), to which it has been given a special mention. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and safety recommendations from health authorities, to 91st edition of Prix ​​Photo Aliança Francesa won an interactive virtual exhibition of the winners of the edition of 2019, available on the website


The test "Survival of the Fireflies", Osmar Gonçalves dos Reis Filho (Fortress, EC), First official jury, discussed the limits of borders on the streets of Latin American cities, photographed at night. According to the author, "I'm surprised with the large number of street populating the squares, occupying the sidewalks, disputing the corners each vacant cm. Wrapped in gloom, they emerge as fireflies, as small luminescent beings, erratic that, through their nomadic gestures, They claim other modes of understanding the city, other ways of living and practicing the urban space. ”

The test "Present tense", Kitty Paranaguá (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Second official jury, brought up a poetic view of the theme. According to the author, "The project focus is the man clash, architecture, border, nature and all the drama and poetry that surround this struggle ”. The consequences of climate change, the result of man's intervention in nature, create a metaphor with reality of today.

In addition to the two finishers, The assay is highlighted "Favelicidade", Luiz Baltar (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), to which it has been given a special mention. The photographer documents the construction of landscapes, social and political, based on personal and collective memories of the daily life of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and "invisible borders of a divided city".


Benoit Capponi

Likewise, Benoit Capponi 52 years. Simultaneously conducts activities of trainer and author photographer mainly around notions of time and subject, with great importance given to crafts and the material existence of the image, with work in analog photography and old processes. He is a member of the editorial board and founder of Halogénure magazine. Since 2018, he runs the Le Studio Spiral gallery and laboratory in Grenoble and is a member of the board of directors of Maison de l’Image.

Erika Negrel

Erika Negrel is general secretary of Diagonal, the French network of exhibition venues, photographic practice and production. From 2008 participated in the structuring of one of the first contemporary art networks in France in Marseille “Provence Contemporary Art” (ex Marseille expos) and supports contemporary creation, especially in breeding residency programs (Triangle France, MP2013 Capitale European Culture). In 2017 founded the COLLECTIVE, support office for the professionalization and development of visual arts projects.

Erika Tambke

Erika is part of the FotoRio coordination team 2020 and coordinates the Visual Occupation / FotoRio Week since 2019.

Independent photographer, PhD student in Media and Sociocultural Mediations at ECO / UFRJ, Master in Visual Culture by Birkbeck College, University of London and Bachelor of Geography (UFRJ). His research is on popular photography in Rio de Janeiro, as a way to diversify the city's narratives, counterpoint to postcard images. Member of the Favela em Foco collective.

Erika has already worked as a photographer in London and later was the coordinator of the People's Image Agency, in the river. Today she works as a photographer and photography teacher in free courses, in Rio and other cities. Recently she has been participating as moderator of roundtables on photography with Magnum in Brazil, World Press Photo, among others. Presented his work in three solo exhibitions: Party Hearts (Rio de Janeiro, 2019); Lines, dashes and other searches: from the National Farm to Lagoa (Rio de Janeiro, 2016); Joy’n’Carnival (London, 2008) in addition to group shows and exhibitions: Monomito (Recife, 2016), Cyanotype Day (New Orleans, 2017), Photography + Citizenship (FotoRio Resists, Rio de Janeiro, 2018) The Fuck of Art (Rio de Janeiro, 2019).

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Eugenio Savio

Graduated in journalism (UFMG), master in Communication and Culture (UFRJ). Professor of photography and photojournalism at PUC Minas. Photographer in the editorial area. Since 2004 It is dedicated to promoting the dissemination of Brazilian copyright photographic production, the qualification and updating of artists who use photography through actions of the project Foto em Pauta, that promotes lectures, exhibitions, courses and the Tiradentes Photography Festival.

João Kúlcsar

Master of Arts from the University of Kent, England, visiting professor at Harvard University. Coordinator and professor at SENAC-SP since 1990. Curator of photographic exhibitions: Claudia Andujar, Cristiano Mascaro, Maureen Bisilliat, Thomaz Farkas, Henri Cartier-Bresson e Elliott Erwitt, among others. Author of several books like: Immigrant Portraits and Shared Heritage. Editor do site

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Marina Alves

Marina Alves is a photographer and social scientist, graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense. Education Specialist in Ethnic Racial Relations by CEFET / RJ, formed the project A Cor da Cultura em 2012 and coordinator of the teacher training course in African history and education of ethnic-racial relations at the Center for Articulation of Marginalized Populations (pad) in 2013. In the area of ​​photography, is a photographer and camera operator at the Agoyá nucleus of audiovisual creation and production and a photography teacher at COART / UERJ and in the project Cultura de Direitos – City Hall of Maricá / RJ, as well as a member of the Women Committee organizing the FotoRio Festival 2018. Its relationship with photography has become inseparable from the perception of its political dimension and its subliminal narrative power, weapon of choice, as the African American photographer Gordon Parks said. Today, considers that it is designing a collection of documentary photographs that aims to make the agendas of social movements, black and women's movement.

Nicolas Henry

Nicolas Henry is a French photographer and artistic director. First lighting designer and set designer, then director of the “6 milliards d’autres” project by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, he now develops his personal work. Its series produced worldwide, his photographic tales and monumental installations are the theater of dream universes built by entire communities, that testify to their solidary commitments, humanistic and environmental.



FotoRio - International Photography Meeting in Rio de Janeiro aims to enhance photography as a cultural asset, giving visibility to large collections and public and private collections and Brazilian contemporary photographic production and foreign, through exhibitions, projections, urban interventions, courses, seminars, workshops, round tables, lectures, conferences and readings portfolio. The intention is to highlight, through a large international event, the importance of photography in the field of art, communication and contemporary social life. The event is biennial, happening in the months of June and July, and had its first edition in 2003.

Diagonal Network

The Diagonal Network, founded in 2009, is the only chain in France that brings together production and distribution structures dedicated to photography. Participates in structuring photographic creation; supports the professionalization of artist photographers and is committed to the development of artistic and cultural education throughout the territory.

Revista Halide

Halogénure is a semi-annual photographic magazine mainly dedicated to analogue practices and pre-industrial processes that explores the vitality of a peripheral and very active area of ​​contemporary photography. Halogénure is composed of three thematic notebooks per edition.

The Halogénure team focused on the program to offer public visibility – specialized or not – in a set of photographers and works from these marginal but extremely active universes that are called “alternative” photographic processes, a vast set that encompasses aesthetics and technical trends as diverse as they are varied and experimental.

PhotoClimat, to the social and environmental biennial of Paris

On the initiative of photographer Nicolas Henry, the Photoclimat biennial will offer in September 2021 an exhibition tour in the heart of Paris that brings together artists and great actors of the ecological and social commitment in France. Thus, Photoclimat will support the green revolution through an artistic and committed outdoor experience, offering a unique set design that will integrate the principles of circular economy and eco-design.


With 135 years of activities in Brazil 2020, the French Alliance is a reference in the language and, no doubt, the best-known institution in the world, when it comes to the spread of the French language and Francophone cultures. Has, currently, more than 830 units 132 countries, where they study about 500.000 students. In France, it has schools and cultural centers for foreign students. Brazil has the world's largest network of French Alliances with 37 associations and 68 units.

Is the only institution in Brazil authorized by the Embassy of France to apply the tests that give access to the DELF and DALF diplomas international, recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. The Alliance Française is also official examination centre for international testing validity of two years TCF (The French Knowledge Test) TEF and Canadian (French Assessment Test) and the national test valid for one year Capes (recognized by agencies CAPES and CNPq MEC).

This year, in celebration of its 135th anniversary, the French Alliance will have lot of news. Amongst them, the change in teaching method, that will bring greater dynamism to the classrooms, with digital tools and current content on all French-speaking culture, transforming lessons into real centers of debate of ideas and collaborative learning.

Prix ​​Photo Alliance Française 2020
Registration Period: 10 February to 10 April 2021.
Virtual and interactive exhibition:
French Alliance - Muniz Barreto Street, 730, Botafogo
(21) 2286-4248 / 2539-4118


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