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Invitation exhibition Flavio Papi. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition “green apocalypse: resumption of hope”, Flavio Papi

Exhibition of sculptures by artist FLAVIO PAPI


In celebration of 35 years of his first solo exhibition in "Studio T" (1982) in New York, Flavio Papi started preparing this exhibition in the middle of last year, making artistic interventions on old models, creating new parts, intuitive, spontaneous, no design or planning ahead.

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The hand of the artist comes up with a touch of fantasy and surrealism, showing the creations of man, destructions, pollution, Apocalypse and the hope of resumption of nature.

Flavio Papi is an architect and artist, model maker, Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1954. It has been producing models from the years 70, when I was studying architecture at FAU / UFRJ, fashioned models for architecture, theater, cinema, TV, plastic arts, advertising, etc.

The curator is Dinah Guimaraens.

Exhibition “green apocalypse: resumption of hope”, Flavio Papi
Curated By: Dinah Guimaraens
Local: Paul White's House Gallery – Morais Street and Valley, 8 – Lapa – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Visitation: until 07 April – Tuesday to Friday, from 14h to 19h
Free entrance
Phone: 21 983795365
Photos disclosure: Flavio Papi

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