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Rita Sinara. Photo: Disclosure.
Rita Sinara. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition “choose your luck” by artist Rita Sinara


Rita Sinara's Exhibition

Humid Art presents its new exhibition, "Choose Your Luck", a mystical journey through the life of artist Rita Sinara who celebrates 50 years of life, and 35 years of service as a Priestess, Witch and Oracle.

Rita was born on a Friday 13, ideal day for the birth of a witch, give us this Friday 13 August 2021, your birthday, your first exhibition only com 13 Oracles created from cards from your personal deck collection, gathered in 35 years of office as Oracle.

Rita Sinara has dedicated her life to researching Magic, surrendering to the help of others through her mediumship, accessing Past and Future, Emotions and Feelings, becoming a reference in a profession where the "Game" of Cards shows paths, possibilities, shows "Luck" to those who trust her.

In "Choose Your Luck", each of 13 created oracle-works carry a message received by the priestess that will be revealed only to those who "deserve", because "it is on merit that life is sustained", second Rita.

The artwork gathered in “Choose Your Luck” celebrates the story of this Oracle and Artist Priestess, made of the raw material that supported it and provided all the construction of its power and knowledge, The letters, portals used by Rita throughout her life.

Rita who gained notoriety for her sensitivity as an Oracle, many of her clients became friends and in “Choose Your Luck” they presented her with insights into their work..

The actresses Bárbara Paz, Camila Morgado, Nanda Costa and Manuela Do Monte, the director of MAM Fabio Szwarcwald, the writer and journalist Hermés Galvão, a promoter Liege Monteiro, the writers and psychologists Ana Luiza Novis and Sabrina Nobrega, to musician Magali, the musician Douglas Flois, the photographer Gabriel Mendes are some of the names that wrote about “Choose your Luck”.

Sand we didn't live in 2021, it would not be possible to comment on the work of Rita Sinara. Its mission to elevate magic and spirituality to the artistic experience guarantees a place for the feminine in the struggle for its existence, for its value and for the right to remain resisting.

She speaks for so many others who have been silenced and killed by witchcraft over the years. It repositions what once threatened order by exposing the mysteries of existence, this uncertain trajectory, immanent and driven by desires, to something of extreme value in our culture.

Bring the beauty of these truths, of the unspeakable, of the Real as Lacan refers, framing them in boxes of riddles and myths was surprising. a type of hypnosis, of submission to the unknown in which other voices are raised calling for a delivery.

“We must cross the world” Manoel de Barros had already invited and Rita Sinara proposes us in “Choose your luck”.

If it's on the date that life happens, in the alchemy of drives that intertwine oneself and the Other, so we can call it sacred. The same happens between the artist and his viewer: an explosion of sensations and affections that give us an insight into the meaning of life, although soon, but enough to encourage us to move forward.

Sabrina Nobrega | Psychologist and Writer

“Ethis eye, this look at myself, that dismayed and lonely look that is my whole existence, you enlarge it and make it turn on itself, and behold a luminous germination of shadowless delights, revive me like a mysterious wine”

Antonin Artaud

December 1926

Who we are? because we came into the world? where do i want to go? What should I do? who should i be? What I want? what is my real wish? with whom should i relate?

who is real? what is a lie? I am sick? I will get sick? I will die? I will have children? I will find a new love?

Who I am? Who I am, who I am, WHO I AM

WE ARE restless beings. our HEAD doesn't stop. Our BRAIN requires explanation. WE demand something beyond RATIONAL. we try everything. We almost ALWAYS experience first the RELIGIONS imposed by the FAMILY. We learn that believing in something makes us possess some FAITH but we keep feeling something BEYOND. a shiver. A sensation. A SADNESS. a cry. A LAUGH.

something beyond rational. WE LOVE and DIE many times in our teenage years. The PAIN of not having a loved one is unbearable and SECRET. it's just ours, no one else's. We let go when we become independent and choose our own PATH. Or better, our history. our MANDALA. The mandala WORD of the Sanskrit language is CIRCLE. This circle has been used for centuries as a representation of the PASSAGE OF LIFE. Mandalas have always been used in HEALING ceremonies. If you pay close attention to the DRAWINGS and SHAPES you will end up finding yourself there. what YOU stand for. CURE is what we all seek for our FEARS and WISHES.

I was on the verge of ONE FINAL SCREAM. in the middle of my ROAD, already close to an ABYSS, when i found my WITCH. My FRIEND took me in her arms and with an open chest I was received by Rita. she opened a GAME, looked into my EYES and said: "From here to 2 years you will MARRY – will sign CONTRACT, The GAME will become. Your LIGHT is strong. You who are not seeing. Your GAME is OPEN.”

Among everything the LETTERS said I saw myself as a CHILD again. I was rocked by WORDS of WISDOM and CALM. above all belief- the POWER of mind is SOVEREIGN. I saw my MANDALA. I saw my COLORS and in them a possibility to EXIST to BE. SHE introduced me to me AGAIN and so we left side by side. me and my many selves. I never stopped CREATING.

THE TRUST she placed WITHIN me – "EVERYTHING can work out, just BELIEVE. Look inside and see the CURE.”

– your MANDALA.

Barbara Paz | Actress

A Art is a form of expression of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and frustrations. In this creation, a clear desire transcends, we often don't understand what we're doing, but an inner force makes us produce. There is an understanding that we are connected with our deepest feelings., and in this way we perceive a unique spiritual Connection demonstrating how we are aligned with a greater force that guides us, showing new paths that many times we will only discover in this connection with the oracle.

Fabio Szwarcwald | Director of MAM-Rio

"Choose Your Luck" opens virtually on day 13/08, and for visitation on the day 16/08 even day 19/09, with scheduled and individual visits.




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