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Poetic Exhibition, 3d art gallery. Disclosure.
Poetic Exhibition, 3d art gallery. Disclosure.

Poetic Exhibition

Poetics is a virtual exhibition held in the interactive environment of a 3d art gallery.

The exhibition was designed to encourage visitors to reflect on the links that connect the artist to his work, since in the production of an artistic work the creator gives the creation part of his way of being in the world.

It is through this power to enchant everyday objects, giving them an existence that goes far beyond the physical dimension, that the artist can insert thoughts into his production, feelings, concepts, memories and speeches. Anyway, all elements of your research.

This rhetoric supports the practice of recycling by Fabiano Gonçalves, an action that transforms structures destined for disposal into a support for painting. The Chilean Delicia Bascuñán, on the other hand, reinterprets techniques and elements related to clothing to generate a reflection on female beauty..

In the field of reinterpretations there is also Daniela Versiani, artist and writer who investigates his own calligraphy as an aesthetic experience. Daniela uses the stroke of the word as a bridge between writing and visual arts, while Arthur Ulhôa has it as a basic element of his cartoon compositions where the unexpected always appears to save the day. The ideals present in Arthur's drawings find resonance in the sculptural objects of Messiah, since the two artists propose criticisms of Brazilian society as a racist entity, classy and militarized.

Messias elaborates a visual discourse with allusions to his activism for Afro and indigenous causes. His work reaches a metaphysical dimension by presenting the orixá Xangô as a counterpoint to social injustices. Gabriel Bertozzi also draws a parallel between his disapproval of the current system and a deity. Yet, the deity present in his pictorial universe operates from selfishness. Gabriel, with canvas and paint, opposes an entity that appears to be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient: the financial market god.

An interesting analysis of motivation and the occupation of space arises when the works of Gabriel Bertozzi, Wallisson Arthur and NEEHO are considered together. Gabriel paints focusing on an external reality with collective developments; Wallisson creates in the opposite direction, he produces paintings in an attempt to understand the signs of his subconscious; the motive reason for NEEHO is nowhere else than in the space itself, its longing is to occupy it with form and color.

Held by Icon Assessoria Artística and curated by Samuel Thanks, the Poetics exhibition can be visited until today 21/5 through the link: www.iconegaleria.com.

exhibiting artists:

Arthur Ulhôa

Daniela Versiani

Delicia Bascuñán

Fabiano Gonçalves

Gabriel Bertozzi



Wallisson Arthur

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