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United Nations Exhibition by Rosângela Vig


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

United Nations Exhibition
by Rosângela Vig

Art for a better future

How about making art for a better world?

The United Nations is organizing the event “Art for a Better World” which will select 60 artworks in various areas such as painting, sculpture, video art, drawing to be displayed in multimedia spaces during the exhibition in Milan 2015.

The works should interpret one or more of the pillars of the Zero Hunger Challenge and the Women's Power and Gender Equality. Each artist may submit one or more jobs for each theme.

Although still take time to register, the term ends soon, day 31 th December 2014. In the link below, are instructions and entry form.

Link: http://www.axabf.net/?goback=.gde_138530_member_5951266763457982465#!un-expo-2015/cda6

Good luck!

By the way, Today is the Birthday of the Visual Artist! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!

Work sent by the artist to attend the event:

Exposição United Nations Obra Rosângela Vig


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