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Virtual Pandemic Exhibition. Disclosure.
Virtual Pandemic Exhibition. Disclosure.

Virtual Pandemic Exhibition

Contemporary Art Gallery was born in August 2020 from the meeting of 11 artists working in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais to join hands at a time when the world needed to isolate itself.

A collaborative initiative to stay steadfast and not lose mental health. Since then, the Contemporary Collective, despite the distance, was together in several virtual actions.

We employ a strong identity, a routine of daily publications, arising from talent, technique, anxieties and hopes.

The PANDEMIC exhibition, gather our eyes, our intimacy, what is unworkable, exalts endurance and hope for better days.

we dedicate this exhibition to all friends, Brazilian family and people.

Wear mask, keep social distance and get vaccinated!

Lu Valença

Contemporary Art Gallery
A visual experience
1 year
To visit our exhibition, go to contemporaneosgaleria.com
From 5 to 31 August

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