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The work of Valeria Costa Pinto. Photo: Disclosure.

Gallery East presents a group exhibition featuring 100 artists

Contemporary Cabinet of curiosities has curated Marco Antonio Portela
and features works by artists such as Joaquim Paiva, Kitty Paranaguá, Rogério Reis,
Vicente de Mello and Walter Carvalho

Opening: 15 October, the 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Opening time: Monday-Friday 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday by appointment

On Saturday, day 15 October, the Gallery East presents Contemporary Cabinet of curiosities, a collective curated by Marco Antonio Portela. The show features more than 100 artists who performed works with brackets, techniques and styles varied, all in small format.

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“At the exhibition, the diversity of artists, of poetic possibilities, to Multiplicities of ways, Interestingly connect our time with the shows, 16TH century curio rooms, period of great discoveries and a diversity of new objects, plants, cultures, ideas. The exhibition plan, therefore, trying to trace an aesthetic next to excessive mounts this period, show those that preceded the modern museums and expository structures as we know it today,” explains Paul. For the curator, Choose the theme of the Cabinet is actually a way to try to deconstruct the universe behaved that the white cubes tend to impose.

"My curatorial function presents itself more generous providing visibility opportunities for artists of different trajectories. Determine a format 25 x 25 cm is a subtle attempt to order, even though various artists will come to circumvent this condition, with the curatorial approval. In addition, I believe this provides equal conditions to all participants ".

Some of the guest artists: Adriana Tabalipa, Bob N, Claudia Bakker, Fernando de La Rocque, Frederick Dalton, Gustavo Speridião, Joaquim Paiva, Kitty Paranaguá, Luiza Kool, Monica Barki, Paul Batelli, Piti Tome, Renan Cepeda, Rogério Reis, Rosana Ricaldi, Suzana Queiroga, Vicente de Mello and Walter Carvalho.

Marco Antonio Portela

Master in art for UFF, visual artist, independent curator, partner of Studio East, Professor in graduate of UCAM. MAP Creator (Museum of mail art) and MAPI (International Postal Art Museum). He directed the Boys light Gallery in the Peacock/Communities/RJ (2009/12). Vice online KITE Award 2013. Reader of portfolios invited by FotoRio 2015. As an artist has works in various collections to highlight Joaquim Paiva and Luiz Gama.

Among its principal curatorships are Summer 2 (March 2013); Museum of mail art Ed. 5 (March 2013); The process of Doubt, Centro Cultural Hélio Oiticica, RJ (August 2012); Summer, Gallery of Gávea, RJ (March 2012); Equivalent to Bergson, Studio Image Gallery, RJ (December 2011); Home, Solar do Jambeiro, Niterói (September/2001); Stieglitz equivalents, Santos Dumont Airport, RJ (June/2011), Glances: here and there, Rio Gallery, Belém do Pará, PA (April/2010); Piscinão Palm of Welcome de Carvalho, Murilo Castro Gallery, BH (February/2009); Shows your I show my, House France Brazil, RJ (November/2004).


Collective exhibition Contemporary Cabinet of curiosities

Opening: 15 October

Time: the 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Visitation: from 15 October to 19 November
Opening time: Monday to Friday 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Saturday by appointment: contato@atelieoriente.com / Tel.: 3495-3800

East Gallery-Russell Street 300/ 401 -Glory – www.atelieoriente.com

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