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City of Arts Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.

Gláucia Cupertino celebrates 25 year career with two exhibitions in Rio and reveals its explosion of colors in digital times

Plastic artist participates in “Arte Vida Arte” exhibition and social project, in the Cities of Arts, and the collective “Bela Bienal, Post Office Cultural Center

Gláucia Cupertino celebrates 25 career with two exhibitions. The first is the exhibition “Arte Vida Arte”, which opens on the day 23 March in the City of Arts, in Barra da Tijuca. The exhibition marks the launch of the social project that will teach painting to children from Cidade de Deus and Recreio communities. “The idea of ​​the social project is to offer art therapy classes for children, all based on color therapy and the power of this activity ”, explains the artist, resident of Recreio. Classes will always be on Saturdays, from the 3:00 pm. “Everyone should help in some way, either donating a painting or teaching painting, how I chose to participate”, the firm.

The second is the collective “Bela Bienal”, European and Latin American contemporary art biennial that will occupy the Centro Cultural dos Correios, at the Center, from day 27 March. The show, that happens simultaneously in Helsinki, in Finland, brings works by several international and Brazilian artists. The artist was invited to participate in this exhibition by AVA, international gallery that usually exhibits his work. Focused on her international career, where his work is widely publicized, the artist also goes to Finland in August to open the solo exhibition “A Chave”, in the AVA gallery. “Europeans are very fond of my work because they are cheerful and vibrant”, complete Gláucia.

For the Biennial of the Post Office Cultural Center, Gláucia will exhibit a polyptych. There are four 50 × 50cm screens that form a single frame. The title of the work is an allusion to the digital world, so much that your name has hashtags with words in the sequence: ##transbordandodealegria # very # butterfly # alegriaememébébom. “I feel extremely honored to be participating in this project, even more at Correios, where I did a solo exhibition there 20 years. I keep betting on strong and contrasting colors, focusing on the movement of shapes with positive energy cores ”, says Gláucia, who continues to use the abstract with acrylic and oil on canvas to imply and reflect the feelings, translating your life philosophy. "My goal is to cause positive feelings in those who have contact with my work", see artist.

About Gláucia Cupertino

Carioca Gláucia Cupertino is an artist. He began his professional career through a course in contemporary art at Parque Lage, appointed as one of the new names that make a difference in contemporary Brazilian art, Gláucia had her talent recognized in 1994, when he participated in a marathon called “90 Hours of Contemporary Painting”, in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. After, his paintings were successful in soap operas of Rede Globo, like “Pé na jaca”. He has in his luggage individual exhibitions at the Villa Riso Art Gallery and the National Museum of Fine Arts – RJ.

Date: From 24 to 31 March, Tuesday to Sunday, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
CHILDREN'S ARTETHERAPY CLASSES: on Saturdays, from the 3:00 pm
Address: City of Arts: Av. of the Americas, 5300 – Out da Tijuca
“Beautiful Biennial” – European and Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Art
Address: S. Visc. Itaboraí, 20 – Center, Rio de Janeiro
Date: From 27 march to 5 de Mayo
Opening time: 12 noon to 7 pm, Tuesday to Sunday

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