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Art Museum of Rio. Photo: Disclosure.

MAR podcast launches and webseries inspired the exhibition "Rio dos Navegantes" and works from his collection

The releases are part of the Museum of Cultural Strengthening Project, held sponsored by BNDES

On the day of Black Consciousness, 20 November, Rio Art Museum, under the management of the Institute Odeon, launches on your site and the streaming platforms the first two products in its MediaLab: a podcast inspired by the exhibition "Rio dos Navegantes" and a webseries that links parts of the collection places and characters from Little Africa. The releases are part of the Cultural Project SEA Strengthening, held with the sponsorship of BNDES.

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For the podcast, ten black authors were asked to write original and inspirational stories in the exhibition content "Rio dos Navegantes", main museum show in 2019. Participate in Conceição Evaristo series, André Capilé, Bernardo Oliveira, Vilma Piedade, Tatiana Small, Renato Noguera, Ana Paula Lisboa, without Passarela, Valeska Torres and Elisa Lucinda, that in addition to writing an episode he is also responsible for giving voice to these narratives, that extol the trajectory of black characters and the coming of immigrants to Brazil.

In the opening episode and that gives name to the podcast, "Kalunga waters", mining writer Conceição Evaristo features a text poetically addresses the preservation of memory, their pains and pleasures. In "How far will the sea", inspired core "use of water", journalist Ana Paula Lisboa tells the Marina trajectory, a girl who was born in Minas Gerais and moved to Rio to live near the sea. podcast episodes the "Kalunga waters" will always be released on Wednesdays and Fridays.

On 21, premiere at the Museum on Youtube the webseries "SEA na Rua", which focused on the collection of works in relation to the story told by people from your surroundings, through various places, as the Valongo wharf, Morro da Conceição and Morro da Providencia. The selection of works, locations and characters was made by historian Raquel Barreto, UERJ. five episodes of the series involved the photographer Mauricio Hora, the artist Mulambo, educator Pamela Carvalho, the director of the Institute of Black New, Merced Guimaraes, and Mother Celina Shango.

In the first episode, to educator, historian and activist Pamela Carvalho talks about the points of intersection between his life and the history of the River from the book "View Botafogo and Sugar Loaf" (1910), Augusto Malta, present the exhibition "Rio dos Navegantes". O artista visual Mulambö, inspired by the work "studio scene" (1908), Timothy Arthur da Costa (1882 – 1922), discusses its relationship to the Rio territory, the ancestry of the colors used in their work, in addition to the heritage of the indigenous peoples of Brazil. The artist is currently on display in the SEA with the solo exhibition "All Our". The episodes of the webseries "SEA in the Street" will always be launched on Thursday.

>> podcast program schedule "Kalunga waters"

20 Nov - "Kalunga waters", Conceição Evaristo #1
22 nov - "Demuda", by André Capilé #2
27 November - "The Element pure", by Bernardo Oliveira #3
29 Nov - "Mary and the Sea", by Vilma Piedade #4
04 ten - "Sanzala-Riots", by Tatiana Small #5
06 ten - "A Child In Crowd", by Renato Noguera #6
11 ten - "Where To Go Sea", by Ana Paula Lisboa #7
13 Ten - the "every step", by Gabe Passarela #8
18 Ten - the "Conception", by Valeska Torres #9
20 ten - "For the cleaning of the Seas", by Elisa Lucinda #10

>> Factsheet

MediaLab MAR

Proposition and direction of the project: Eleonora Santa Rosa

Coordination: Amanda Bonan

Podcast Water Kalunga

Creation Amanda Bonan, Juliana Pereira, Marcelo Campos e Rubia Mazzini
Artistic Direction: Mariana Kaufman
Production: Lisa Eiras
Narration texts: Elisa Lucinda
Soundtrack: Ricardo Cotrim
Sound editing completion: William Farkas
Realization: spark Movies

>> webseries program schedule "SEA na Rua"

21 Nov. - "SEA looks at the Rio", Pamela Carvalho #1
28 Nov. - "Representation of self - representation of the other", Mauricio Time #2
05 ten - "Skeletons in the basement", with Merced Guimaraes #3
12 ten - "What it takes to make art", with Mulambo #4
19 ten - "Worldviews Negras", Mother Celina with Shango #5

>> Factsheet

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