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CineCidades exhibition. Disclosure.
CineCidades exhibition. Disclosure.

Mostra CineCidades brings films that bet on the plurality of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Mostra CineCidades brings a contemporary and plural look to new directors about the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Part of the schedule 2021 do Rolé Carioca - multifaceted platform of culture and knowledge about the city - Mostra CineCidades brings an overview of the audiovisual narratives that deal with the city of Rio de Janeiro from the years 2000.

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Sample, Free and 100% Online, debut on 09 March (Tuesday) and runs until 25 March, betting on diversity and the discussion of urban themes from the perspective of a crop of new directors – some in his debut films, others with various achievements in the curriculum.

Curated by filmmaker Emílio Domingos, will be displayed 17 documentaries - between short and feature films - that portray the multiple facets of the city and address issues such as culture, traditions, religiosity, political, Heritage, memory and identity in Rio de Janeiro.

The CineCidades Exhibition is divided into thematic sessions and will have ten debates with directors and producers of the films shown - all at 19 hours, live, translated into pounds and transmitted by the profiles of Rolé Carioca on Facebook (www.facebook.com/RoleCarioca) e no YouTube (www.youtube.com/RoleCarioca). There will be three weeks of programming, with the films available on the Mostra's Vimeo channel during the week of each session: vimeo.com/cinecidades

In programming, a river of joys, contradictions and inequalities

In the first week (from 09 to 15/03), the show presents the new rhythm of funk dances in 150BPM - the crazy rhythm, going through the cultural occupation of the Madureira viaduct in 6 by 20 and by Batuque in the Kitchen of the aunts of samba carioca, immersing yourself in the Clóvis universe of the suburb in Carnival, bladder, funk and parasol. The program looks at the challenges and joys of devotion, with the movies Our Sacred, A party for Jorge and Fé e Fúria and closes the week with a reflection on the one Rio that no longer exists in Demolition Chronicle. The first week's debates take place between 9 and 12 March.

The route continues, between 16 and 22/03, Carioca was a Rio - over the river that gives name to the inhabitants of the city, following to the scream of the streets in Voice. Ending the Session 2, the right to the street, to the city will be debated in the session that brings the shorts Broken City, Street vendors and at the edge of the towers. The second week's debates take place between 16 and 18 March.

In the final week, the show investigates the origins of “being carioca”, malemolence and trickery, in Invisible city. The reflection of this “soul” in the imagination of foreigners who tour Rio's favelas is In search of a common place. The show ends with the pain and delight of national sport in Vidigal Cup and Maraca is ours! The third week's debates take place between 23 and 25 March.

The Mostra CineCidades is a production by Toca o Barco Produções and Estúdio M’Baraká and is part of the premiere schedule of Rolé Carioca's ninth year – project that deals with memory, carioca history and identity since 2013. In its first edition, the CineCidades Exhibition is sponsored by the Aldir Blanc law, by the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro.

More information on www.rolecarioca.com.br/cinecidades

About Rolé Carioca

Multiplatform project of culture and knowledge about Rio de Janeiro, Rolé Carioca adds a rich collection of stories, curiosities, facts and characters collected in almost a decade dedicated to people, to the memory and culture of the city.

The museum was created in 2013 from face-to-face tours through different itineraries, telling stories about Rio and its characters, Rolé Carioca expands its operations in 2021 dedicated to hearing stories from residents and bringing reflections on the urban space through actions such as the Map of Memories and the webseminar Papo de Rolé, in addition to the CineCidades Exhibition – merging virtual and face-to-face programming, adapted to the pandemic moment.

Due to its methodology, scope and relevance, Rolé Carioca was one of the winners of 2019 Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade Award, granted by IPHAN to initiatives for the preservation and dissemination of historical and cultural heritage.

Learn more about the project:
WebSite: www.rolecarioca.com.br
Facebook: /RoleCarioca
Instagram: @rolecarioca
YouTube: /RoleCarioca

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