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Shows “Enlarged Photo” in Brasília

A Cobogó Market performs, This weekend, the first show

Enlarged Photo

An event that brings together the analog, the digital and also brings printed publications

On 4 September, Saturday, the Cobogó Market promotes a shows with the participation of 18 photographers and photographers, Publishers, exclusive publication about art and equipment.

A Enlarged Photo, who, as the name already delivers, will be an event about photography, but that won't be just in the image, in the photo itself. The day will be dedicated to everything related to this art, from digital and analog cameras to films and publications beyond, of course, of works by renowned photographers from the city.

Between photographers and photographers, participate: Zuleika de Souza; Kazuo Okubo; André Santangelo; Clara Araújo; Julia Castello; Adon Bicalho; Rebeca Benchouchan; Aya Villena; Isabella Pina; Mariah; Isabella Gurgel; Nick Elmoor; Bernardo Oliveira; Bella Montiel; Eugenio Novaes; Rob Justino; Joana Amaral; and Tasso Mendonça.

Exposing catalogs, are the publishers: bang; Imaginary Plan; and whale. Camera Liberation Project and Granulado also participate, with equipment from all decades of photography, and Zebrinha Books, of exclusive publications for photography.

The meeting will be in the external area of ​​Cobogó, in a cozy setting in the shadow of a large Gameleira.

Shows Enlarged Photo
Day: 4 September, Saturday
Time: From 10 am to 8 pm
Entrance: free frank
Parental guidance: Free to all audiences

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