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Photo: Curtis Adams no Pexels.
Photo: Curtis Adams no Pexels.

Planned Furniture: know the advantage of choosing them

A Most architects and interior designers opt for projects with Planned Furniture. A lot of it, due to the countless advantages of this type of furniture, including the enhancement of spaces and the high sophistication of the environment.

Overall, we can define as “planned” any furniture that is developed with customized modulation, that is, according to the sizes of each room.

Thus, from parts already determined by customers, to planned furniture store draws the structures, through computer programs.

Custom-made furniture is suitable for all types of houses and apartments, but especially smaller properties, that need more organized rooms and better optimization of spaces.

Normally, the planned furniture has as its basic raw material the wooden panels produced from pine or eucalyptus, from reforestation.

It is worth checking the source of the material, before closing deal, to verify that products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

Beyond wood, there are also synthetic fiber furniture, made with synthetic polymers, like polyamide (nylon), poliacrílicos, elastomers, polyvinyl derivatives, polyolefin and polyurethane.

This material allows a series of wefts in the furniture, giving a special touch to the decoration.

These furniture are widely used outdoors, like gardens, barbecue areas and pools, since the resistance of the fibers against the weather and humidity is very high, out that there is no color fading, even with the high incidence of sunlight.

That's why, it is not uncommon for synthetic fiber furniture to be used for various decoration projects, together with other planned structures.

However, even with the benefits of bespoke furniture, many people still have doubts whether they are the best choice. Therefore, today's article will show you the advantages of choosing them in your residential architectural project.

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4 benefits of furniture planned for your project

The planned furniture goes beyond a pleasant aesthetic for its decoration and the elegance of the rooms. The alternative is also perfect for those who live in units with discreet footage and want to better enjoy the environment, valuing the property.

However, many people have doubts about investing in this type of furniture, precisely because the value can be higher compared to the prefabricated ones.

But it is possible to find planned furniture prices accessible and take full advantage of these structures.

Below, check out the main positive points of having custom-made furniture in your home.

1 – Better organization and use of spaces

One of the reasons that most justifies the investment in planned furniture is the organization of the environments, promoting the best use of the rooms.

This is because they are developed according to the needs of the residents, perfectly adapting to the available spaces.

Thereby, an apartment with planned home, for example, will have furniture adapted to support the numerous technological devices for audiovisual reproduction, as well as to store other items, like DVDs, CDs and decorative objects.

Not only home, this example is also highly recommended for offices that operate with video conferencing and need furniture designed to house corporate documents and, at the same time, allow the installation of television equipment for audio display.

In other words, far beyond harnessing, planned furniture is produced according to residents' preferences, taking into account your habits, customs and routines.

All this to collaborate with the organization of the environment, making the layout much simpler, which is great for everyday life.

2 – Variety of finishes

Another advantage of bespoke furniture is the wide range of colors, materials and finishes.

Thus, if the resident wants a custom cabinet yellow, to combine with a more fun and children's decor, it is possible to ask the factory to invest in this coating.

In addition to the color of the finish, customers can also choose:

  • The hinges;
  • The slides;
  • The handles;
  • The decoration details;
  • Among others.

In other words, the furniture is fully customized. Including, many factories usually show the designs in advance to customers, so they can approve, before the furniture was manufactured. This avoids the need for rework and material waste.

Thus, it is much easier to meet the needs of residents with planned furniture than with prefabricated furniture.

After all, the first ones are adapted to the tastes, besides fitting into the available space, while conventional furniture has some limitations, due to ready-made size and pre-established usability.

3 – High durability and resistance

A very important point that should be highlighted is the durability of custom-made furniture.

Because they are made with reforestation wood, plywood in MDF or MDP, or synthetic fibers, and coated with resistant materials, they usually have a much longer life than the finished furniture.

Therefore, the planned bathroom furniture, for example, usually resist much more the adversities of the environment, including the humidity itself.

Thus, even if the investment seems more expensive, the cost-benefit ratio is usually much more rewarding in the case of bespoke furniture.

4 – Professional technical assistance

Most of the planned furniture stores have professional technical assistance oriented to customer service.

Given this, designers design the project together with consumers, taking into account personal taste and room measurements.

Furthermore, the installation process, like mounting a custom sofa, it is also done by a trained team, to offer full support to customers.

In some cases, technical assistance can even plan all the furniture in the house, with easy payment terms, mainly in securities packages.

In other words, more than qualified service, it is possible to obtain discounts and an excellent cost-effective investment.

Usually, the assistance also acts in the after-sales, including possible repairs and part replacements, according to the planned furniture warranty.

How to choose the best planned furniture?

Given all the advantages of the planned, it’s easy to know why architects and interior designers choose this type of furniture design. However, you need to know how to choose furniture, even more when it's a big investment.

Because of that, the recommended thing is to look for companies or factories you trust, with professional indications.

In addition, several budgets are worth doing, because prices can fluctuate a lot according to the choice of raw material, the type of finish and the details of each project.

Before closing the purchase of furniture, have at least three quotes in hand for the same project. This will facilitate price comparison and can be an opportunity to negotiate discounts and payment possibilities.

Remember to consider the types of materials and colors in the quotes, since it is something that directly impacts the values ​​of each furniture.

The tip is to opt for more neutral colored furniture, like white and black, that provide a much more sophisticated aesthetic to environments and, in addition, have a much more affordable price, compared to other colored coatings.

For those who live in small environments, as apartments with reduced footage, the white furniture option is the best, once the feeling of spaciousness is awakened. Thus, visually more pleasant environment.

Be wary of stores with smaller warranties of 5 years, this can mean a drop in the quality of the furniture and, in addition, a technical service deficiency.

Consider that assistance is a responsibility of companies and, therefore, give preference to stores with qualified sellers and professionals.

Finally, it is worth noting that some factories, even though it was planned furniture, usually work with modules. In other words, the furniture structures have the same pattern and, in these cases, it may be that they do not fit perfectly in your home.

Because of that, it is important to check that all measures of the project are being respected, so that the furniture can occupy the entire space, in an optimized and organized way.


The planned furniture is a trend of decoration and architecture. So much so that most of the projects include these articles as a fundamental part for the use of the rooms and for the sophistication of the environment.

By the way, anyone who thinks that planned furniture is viable only for luxury homes is mistaken. Unlike, nowadays it is possible to find furniture fully adapted to the preference of residents, following habits, personal tastes and routines.

With so many advantages and benefits, custom-made furniture earns the respect and admiration of many people. For this reason, it is important to know how to choose the best furniture, to make the most of these structures.

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most architects and interior designers opt for projects with planned furniture. A lot of it, due to the countless advantages of this type of furniture, including the enhancement of spaces and the high sophistication of the environment. Overall, we can define as “planned” any furniture that is developed with customized modulation, that is, according to the sizes of each room. Thus, from parts already determined by customers, the planned furniture store designs the structures, through computer programs. Custom-made furniture is suitable for all types of houses and apartments, but especially…

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